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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice

Clear and five degrees.

Perfectly still this solstice morning,
in bone-cracking cold. Nothing moving,
or so one might think, but as I walk the road,
the wind held in the heart of every tree
flows to the end of each twig and forms a bud.

~Ted Kooser
from Winter Morning Walks: one hundred postcards to Jim Harrison

I'm getting out decorations for the little tree. I opened a tiny decoration, a little mouse with a candy cane, given to me by my Mom. I cried. Right after that I opened another tiny little ornament, a bell in the shape of a little caroler wearing a red suit. My grandmother tied her on my white tissue paper wrapped package every year when I was a little girl. I smiled. I hadn’t anticipated finding these memories in the ornament boxes today. These women are gone now from the face of the earth, but still in my heart.


  1. Yes. Love leaves reminders for us that never leave. Thinking too of my mother, grandmother, all who helped me and gave me life. xo

  2. when we are young, we are so eager to make memories and then all of a sudden it seems, we actually have so many of them - looks like your snowbound is going to last a few more days - enjoy!

  3. So wonderful you have such beautiful memories to remember.
    Enjoy this time...
    Your painting evoke a joyful stillness...the dancing marks, just wonderful.

  4. I miss my mother very much and love her still. I will remember all the good things she did when I was young.

    Your winter painting ... love the white mood

  5. I cry every year when I decorate the tree. Floods of memories.

    It was five degrees here this morning, too! Brrrr!!

  6. Thank you Judy, for visiting. Thats true; love leaves reminders.

    Jeane: I got out to my day job yesterday. The main streets were just wet. Thick slush on side streets. Are you out and about yet?

    Jo: Thanks. I like this one too. In person, these high key works have more texture. White is difficult to photograph.

    I L B & W: Love those Moms, miss them too.

    Willow: I wonder how many of us do shed a tear or two as well pull the memories from the Christmas storage boxes? Thanks for visiting.


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