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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am working, as usual, on a number of pieces all at the same time. I don’t have the patience to wait for things to dry, even acrylics. After working a while on one piece I need to look at something else. The painting needs to rest, and so do I. Today, I have layered paint, collaged, sanded layers, finger painted and used a bamboo skewer as a tool. I usually pick some aspect of design to focus on for a good long period of time. The last two years it was shape and contrast. While still thinking about those elements, I am also adding mark making. The series I am starting now is about communication. I have a strong value with connection to others, and communication is one means of connecting. In this particular piece, I am inspired by the layout of a newspaper page. This piece is probably not done yet. After the painting and I rest, I’ll decide.


  1. This piece really speaks to me, Leslie. I love it!

  2. Thanks Robyn. Thats a perfect comment; speaking to you = communicating!

  3. you really have a wonderful sense of balance in your work - you allow me to see everything and not hurry - really good work.

  4. Very pretty. Your mark making is elegant and your scruffy textures are especially interesting. I like the newspaper idea. Your project is very well thought out.

  5. Thanks Jeane. I hadn't thought about the balance. I guess that part is intuitive. I spend most of my time trying to up the contrast!
    I love B & W; This piece is in your colors.
    Shayla: Thanks. I don't think these low resolution images really show the texture, but they are scruffy! I enjoyed connectioning to a blog you follow - Abstract Illusions. I love that about blogging. One connection, leads to another connection, leads to...

  6. Leslie...
    Your "mark making" say's so much to have a beautiful, playful, yet serious line happening here! Almost like your own language!

  7. Leslie, this is wonderful work and I am a great fan of neutrals and textural abstracts.

    Thank you for the encouraging comment on my blog, specialy because it has brought me to yours.

  8. Thanks Jo! My mark making symbols do sometimes represent things; trees, rocks, the kitties in the studio...

    Hi Mary: Thanks for visiting. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. I love rich color, and I love neutrals. Like chocolate and vanilla; both equally enjoyable. I am gald we connected.

  9. Fabulous mark making, this is definitely a case of less is more.

  10. Suxh great texture and color palette. The mark making and bits of exposed test are perfect!


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