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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Origami Birthday Book

This little book measures less than 2 inches tall. It was made by my friend artist Rita McNamara. She tells me that the page folding automatically creates a no glue, stitch-free binding. Inside each pocket is a diminutive tag and tiny antique postage stamp. On the left of each spread is a Chinese fortune, including “something special is coming your way.” I think this petite book is something special indeed. I feel fortunate to have such a lovely gift from my artist friend.

These are the last photos taken with our digital camera. I was dutifully doing a load of laundry yesterday, when I inadvertently threw both laundry and the camera into the filling washing machine. Ouch! I tucked my tail and hung my head as I told Kurt last night what I had done to his camera. Sweet man that he is, he has asked me to get him a photography magazine so he can research the replacement.


  1. is this just the best little book I've ever seen? - I think so! - uh oh! - your bad on the camera - too bad! - I know plenty of people who have washed their cell phones - yes, we are out, but we did get stuck yesterday and our dear neighbor had to pull us out with his tractor - messy - I love your header and I love that you change things up - fun to come here and see what's new!

  2. Ditto on your new header and new photos in the side bar. And you find the best blogs to follow too!You get "blogger of the year" from me, if there were such a thing!
    Neighbors with tractors are the best.

  3. Thank you for stopping at my infant blog! It is a coincidence that I had just discovered your site today thru Willow Manor...I love the collage work you have is a form of art that interests me...and this book...precious! Someday I hope to take a bookbinder class..

  4. Leslie, what a thrill in receiving such a special little book as a gift!
    It's really wonderful, and to think it's totally folded!!!

    Happy new camera shopping!

  5. I love books of all shapes, sizes, textures and styles. They're like little presents waiting to be unwrapped. It looks like it is bursting open with all sorts of surprises...this is just too precious! Sorry to hear about your camera - sounds like you have a very understanding man:)

  6. Leslie, Beautiful book... a true keepsake! Merry Christmas!
    Mary Ann

  7. Happy Holiday, Leslie!
    Your artist book is wonderful! Love your blog, love you!

  8. Now that book is SCREAMING for a tutorial... will take up the challenge? I would love to learn how..

  9. I love that little book! Merry Christmas Leslie!

  10. Oh delightful little book! Sorry about the camera :-(

  11. Thank you all for these wonderful comments. I am behind on my responces. But alas and alak I am off to the studio. Forgive me this time, and I'll be a better responder on the next go round, I promise!


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