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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Latest Communication

I decided to add to this piece. My tendency to minimalism is always with me, so I do try to push further. I think about completion in terms of Haiku, with 17 syllables. If I can find somewhere near 17 shapes, or passages or elements, then I can conclude. I may still come back and work this again, but for now it is done, and I will move on to the next piece. It’s snowing again. I love being snow bound, as it is creating extra art time. When I get 3 to 4 days of studio time in a row, I find my creativity flows, and I am rewarded with new ideas. I feel like experimenting and finding new art discoveries. Something happened on a paper plate (I mix my paint on paper plates) that was so great I am going to tear it apart and use it as a collage piece. What fun!
I don’t have a tree up, or cards written, but I am happy. I stopped and thought about how much time and energy goes into the holiday preparation, the actual celebration and then putting everything away again. I made a choice to do much less this year. This is my gift to myself. We will still have a celebration, presents, little twinkle lights, lovely food, champagne and I won’t be stressed. And I did decorate my blog with pretty falling snow...Why did it take me so long to figure this out?


  1. Leslie, I understand very well. You are right, you are right,...

  2. Hey Leslie! - I really like the addition to the piece - it feels a bit richer and more cooked so to speak - but that of course if my asthetic - and I agree, less is more - I don't even put up the tree anymore - Jim does that and he really enjoys it - snow supposed to be gone by Monday! - I'm so over it!

  3. Interesting, your Haiku method. It's worth remembering. i love this post. I love the thought of being barricaded in with my art for days on end.....and experimenting and making new discoveries.....and actually feeling that I've made headway.

    I agree about saving energy and cutting back on all the christmas preparations.....but somehow it never works out that way.

  4. Hello Leslie,

    Thanks for dropping in yesterday. I'm glad you liked the photo. You can see our next stop now!

    I agree with Jeane that the extra work on your piece helps to finish it off nicely.

    It is good that you can see the benefit of being snowbound! Enjoy the holidays.

  5. Leslie

    I loved this post, both because the artwork is wonderful but because of the reference to haiku, which is a recent new interest of mine in conjunction with my painting.

    I'm intrigued by the way in which you use haiku's structure as a guide to your painting. I am trying to simplify my natural tendency to make pieces too complicated, so perhaps this will help!

    Love your blog, will be a grequent visitor!

  6. Thanks Bob, for visiting. Interesting that you think of haiku to simplify and I think of it to move past minimalism. I took a look at both your art and photography, and am impressed by both! I'll be checking in at your blog as well.


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