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Friday, December 26, 2008


This is a 9 x 9 section of a 20 x 20 work I am currently working upon, which is part of the Communication series. I have spent several intermittent days building up layers and sanding them back down again. I find I am out of my rhythm with the break for Christmas. I spent the afternoon getting reacquainted with my materials, tools and the current series. Because the new camera isn’t here yet, I put this 16 inch square on the scanner. It’s awkward, but at least you can see something new. Since the scanner is only 9 inches wide, I can only get a bit of the piece. Tomorrow we have another day of family holiday festivities. I hope to be able to work on this piece again on Sunday. This portion has good contrast despite the very limited color pallet. I want to increase the contrast in the rest of the piece.

My friend Jo Reimer has just written a new post on her blog describing when we first met, about 1996 or so. We were in Taos to take a work shop with Sas Colby. It was a Masters class, and I was a beginner. I didn’t let that stop me! I wanted to take a work shop and I wanted to go to New Mexico. So off I went, and met Jo. She kindly helped me all week to figure out what to do, art wise. We also did some sight seeing, taking photos of old doors and adobes. We looked at a lot of art. I would love to get back to Taos. It is a most magical art community and environment. We were at the Mabel Dodge Luan House. We stayed there, ate there and created art there. The keys to our rooms opened the studio door, so we could work anytime of the day or night. Sas read the greatest poetry to us every day, as part of the ambiance. It was heaven.

For anyone who wanted directions to make the little folded art book in my last post , the link is here.


  1. Amazing wealth of colours! Nice links too!

  2. Leslie, I am loving every single thing you are posting on this blog. You are such an inspiration.

  3. Oh Boy, You got back in the studio and will be returning Sunday...I'm best chance will be Monday! I have been doing some research on my subject matter so I am hanging onto threads! ha
    I will check out the site...I love Taos and it sounds like you might have had a magical time!

  4. Another beaut! Looking forward to seeing the whole piece as it progresses.

  5. Hi Leslie - thanks for your comment on my blog - like your images too! a very happy new year and hope you had a good Christmas. One of my dreams is to cross the pond to New Mexico and Taos and to see the home of Georgia O'Keefe - such an inspiration to artists! Lots of playful, creative and fun times for 2009

  6. ILB&W: Colours, I just love them!
    Mary: I am inspired by your work as well, daily!
    Mary Ann: My time in the studio is limited by having a 4 day a week day job, so I tend to seize studio days when ever I can, and some very early mornings prior to work. I find art takes all kinds of time; time to experiement, time to make errors, (just a different experiment) time to be with the painting, and time to moodle. I may spend 6 hours and end up covering everything up. Which, of course is just adding another layer and depth. I love Taos. Maybe we could find a big studio to rent and have a blogger’s workshop in Taos someday. Painting is not fast for me!
    Seth: The new camera is on it's way so I can show this piece soon. But after working on it last night, I am heading to the studio to do some major changes; adding a variety of shapes and more contrast.

  7. Ms. Rambling Rose: Georgia O'Keefe is so inspiring!I have read her biography, studied her work and on the trip to New Mexico we went to the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. I do hope your dream comes true and you get to experience New Mexico. Thanks for visiting.

  8. A beautiful post Leslie - someday I will get to NM...I love the muted colors of your latest piece..just my colors..

  9. Thanks Oliag. I do love the muted colors as well.

  10. Hi Leslie, Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. And thank you for the inspiration, both your really cool piece and what you wrote gave me an idea for a collage... completely different from yours but still related to the communication theme. I am still learning, and today I'm going to get supplies to try making brayer papers, after reading about the process. As for Taos, I've always wanted to go...maybe someday.

  11. It's very excitiing to me that you are inspired to get yourself the gift of supplies and roll up your sleeves. It is a lot of fun to just plunge in and get started! Enjoy the process! Taos, someday.


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