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Monday, December 29, 2008

Collage! Collage! Collage!

I just love collage! After a day of painting I sometimes sit in the evening and make small collage on my lap. These are between five and six inches square. I gather and sort papers by color and get started. Some of the papers have been used in the studio to remove paint or apply paint in the larger works. I sort, place, consider, move little pieces around and begin adhering the papers. Sometimes I take them back to the studio for an application of paint. That’s how I got the little black marks on some of these. Sometimes I draw on them. I love to do that, but I am a little unsure of myself in that regard. An attitude of play might help me out with that. These collages may eventually be destined for the International Collage Exchange for this coming year, 2009. I like these just the way they are, but maybe I’ll add a bit of pencil work for fun.

Today Mary Ann at Blue Sky Dreaming talked about a statement of intention for her new art direction for 2009. I am inspired by her discussion. Each year I pick an aspect of design to focus on. Textures come easily to me, and are a natural area of strength. I love shapes but I could really be more assertive in this regard. And I have worked on color; particularly the aspect of value and contrast even in my high key work. I have added mark making to my focus. I have room to learn more on all of these areas, but I am enjoying playing with shapes. That little curve at the top of the gray and white stripes is part of an arch from a stencil. I like it a lot. So I will continue to play with adding more assertive shapes. I’m currently working on my communication series which is all about connection. I will continue to do so. Connecting with all of you via my blog and yours has been a lot of fun, and has provided lots of inspiration too.


  1. Ooooo, I especially love this first one! It's fabulous!

  2. A beautiful series Leslie...I love the shapes you've developed here...and I love the splatters and jottings..

  3. Hi Leslie - hope you had a wonderful holiday! - wooppee!!! our snow is gone! - these collages are very nice, but what really knocks me out, is the piece you are using for your header - that is fabulous! - juicey!

  4. I love this first one too! This graphic symbol is like the "hlaholice" script.

  5. P.S. Leslie, look at the webside:

  6. Willow: I love your new photo; great composition! The first is my current favorite too. But like children, most of my pieces have a turn at being “my favorite.”

    Oliag: Thanks for visiting. I love jottings; the randomness of it all.

    Jeane: The little snippet of the piece that used to exist and is now a photo only and appearing as my header; I love it too. Long story. Many parts are the background for pieces of the Communication series. Looking at it makes me want to head over to the studio right now, but its 28 degrees and c-o-l-d this morning! I used a stick for some the lines and I know right where it is, waiting to be used again!

    ILB&W; thanks for the great link to the “hlaholice” site. I was looking at what my initials would look like….Mark making as a means of communication must be part of our DNA. My marks are very intuitive and usually done with my non-dominate hand with my eyes closed! Your photos on your blog this morning are just stunning!

  7. Leslie, I love, love, love these collages! And I love the idea of creating them on your lap in the evening.

    I'm inspired to think about my statement of intention. Now that's progress for me!

  8. I too love these small collages and the idea of you sitting and playing with them in the evening - you really are inspiring - thanks for the sharing and the reminder of 'the attitude of play' - a very happy, intentional and playful New Year

  9. Robyn – What ever your inspired intentions are for the New Year I hope you have *fun*!

    Ms. Rose – A very joyful and fun New Year to you too!


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