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Jean De Muzio

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Studio Views


  1. Lovely views! I'm popping in from Jeane's place. Nice to meet you. Love your work. :^)

  2. Hi Willow. It's nice to meet you. I have been a visitor at your blog several times. We have two pear trees. Such a treat. So next year, I’m going to try making your pear preserves. You are having a lot of fun over there at the Manor. Come back again anytime!

  3. wow - look at all those gessoed canvases ready for action! but I also see that floor! - ready for action - what a wonderful big canvas that would be!

  4. Hi Jeane; I feel rich in potential for sure. These are new surfaces for me. Rather than being canvas they are birch panel my husband made into boxes. I have just started to work with these. They really allow a lot more “rough” handling than canvas. I can sand the surface which I just love to do, or attach something heavy like a big metal piece. I can barley wait to get started!

  5. Hi Leslie, Any mate of Jeane's is a mate of mine, I say.
    Brenda Ueland's quote is one of my a good moodle.

    Sounds like you have a new wave of creative energy coming in. In the tarot, it would maybe appear as the ace of cups... followed by, the three of pentacles as you honed your skill.

    Anyway, great to be introduced to another bloggy person who follows her own voice.

  6. Hi grrl+dog:
    Oh, moodling is my favorite! Happiness itself. I'll find an acey cup to set in the studio as a reminder of the energy shift. Thanks for the visit!


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