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Monday, August 6, 2012

Sketchbook Journey

Leslie Avon Miller Sketchbook Page

In large measure, becoming an artist consists of learning to accept yourself, 
which makes your work personal, 
and in following your own voice, 
which makes your work distinctive.

Leslie Avon Miller Sketchbook Page

But if you want to become a decent cobbler, 
it’s not enough to enthuse over human feet. 
You have to know your leather, 
your tools, pick the right pattern, and so forth. . . . 
It holds true for artistic creation too.

Leslie Avon Miller Sketchbook Page

If I was asked to get rid of the Zen aesthetic 
and just keep one quality necessary to create art, 
I would say its trust. 
When you learn to trust yourself implicitly, 
you no longer need to improve something through your art. 
You simply allow it to come out, to be effortless. 
It happens just as you grow your hair. 
It grows.

Leslie Avon Miller Sketchbook Page

So, know your tools, know your medium, and then trust. My art will grow. Your art will grow.

There is something about a sketch book that builds trust. There is something about a sketchbook that lets me develop my tools, my knowledge. It’s a place to think without self censorship.

Things are good. My health continues to improve without acrylic VOCs and other things I am sensitive to. A few changes have been made to the studio which is improving the air quality.

I continue to explore information about art supplies. Many artists are writing to tell me of products they have found to be good alternatives to the ones that are so toxic. 

Other artists are questioning their materials and expressing health concerns. I am continuing the research and conversation on my new blog Detoxing My Art Practice

 I appreciate all the emails and blog comments on this blog and the detox blog with helpful suggestions. 

Leslie Avon Miller Sketchbook Page

I have had the pleasure of interviewing artist Shayla Perreault Newcomb. Shayla's story is truly inspirational! Go here to read part one of her incredible journey from being an artist who was made ill by her materials to one who has found a new path. Surrender to Healing - a Personal Detox Story

And right now, for me, working in a sketchbook is perfect. Just perfect. I feel my artistic vision is getting stronger from this change of pace. A good thing. 

Painting is a journey. 
It is the way I mark my path through life.  

~Virginia Cobb