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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wish Bone

Wish Bone, by Leslie Avon Miller. All the paintings in the Old Bones series are 20 x 20 x 2 inches, on birch panel. I painted the 2 inch side section black, which makes them stand out nicely. I’ll try to get a photo so you can see. Wish Bone is still in process.
After my last post and receiving so many encouraging comments I have been inspired to continue to work on the Old Bones paintings. At first I wondered if I hadn’t just been complaining right out loud on the internet, which didn’t seem like such a good thing. But then I realized that I really had benefited from stating what had been such a challenge about this particular series. The benefit came from hearing the things you all had to say. And that’s because I am an Extrovert. As such I tend to process information based on having thoughts and feelings reflected back to me. For me, it is the process of communicating about my ideas that creates clarity. That’s how I tend to get to “oh, I see!” I need time to talk about it.
Introverts tend to come to understandings by reflecting inside themselves, thinking things over quietly and then coming to “oh, I see!” They need time to think about it. Then they are ready to talk about it.
I am continually fascinated by people and how we work. So I find this kind of stuff really interesting, and now I tend to think about how our personalities influence our art and the process of making art. If you want to know more here are a few links. This article talks about the differing communication styles of Introverts and Extroverts. This link talks about personality traits, and provides a list of questions you can answer for your self to find out your possible personality type.
Thank you all for communicating with me!

This is Old Bones, in the landscape orientation. I had originally thought the light part would be vertical on the left. I am not so sure now.


  1. I find the concept of paintings pared down to essentials--the bones as it were--rich indeed.

  2. I'm loving Old Bones in the landscape mode.
    Eager to see where you go with Wish Bone. So far it appears to be quite different than what you've done previously.( the larger area of almost total black)

  3. Something reminding me - Blackboards (chalkboards) at school would sometimes hold onto old words behind the new writing, like some of the old words were never going to be erased. I love the tide of black.

  4. Hi Leslie,

    I have given you an award over at my place - if you are happy to accept that kind of thing! Very richly deserved.

    I also like the Old Bones piece in landscape orientation and it will be interesting to see how Wish Bone turns out.

  5. Leslie,

    Simply fantastic.
    A grateful for me to watch his growth as an artist.

    José Brito

  6. Leslie- i love your art and your blog. I have your recent posts saved in my bloglines so that when i have time i can go back and savor your words and images. but i am still running behind in my time since i have been out of town recently! But i wanted to answer your question you left me- i just used a pintool that came from my ceramic days to write the poem into the painted wax. thanks for asking!

  7. I admire the idea of paring down...not great at it myself
    Did the Myers Briggs on the site but was unsure of the cost and security so did not send
    Did one years ago but can not remember the I guess it matters little

  8. Buster admires your subject matter.
    His mum admires the subtlety of the design.

  9. Leslie, I appreciate seeing Old Bones hanging on the wall in your sidebar.....and seeing the whole painting instead of just a section. Amazing piece of art! I am loving this new direction your work is taking. Wish Bone is looking good!

    The clay vessel just begs to be held and touched doesn't it? Beautiful piece and so unique.

  10. I love your comments on how one assesses where one is going with a project; it's something I have been pondering on myself recently; evaluating what is important to be able to move forward.

  11. Oh Leslie, I love your clay piece, the top looks as if it would fit the hand nicely. I also like seeing the Old Bones piece hanging on the wall in your sidebar. Beautiful texture in the upper white area.
    I read the introvert - extrovert article and found it very interesting and left a link in my post. I know how I need to process and I enjoyed reading the descriptions of each type.
    Best days ahead working on Wish Bone!

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  13. Seth: thank you!

    San: I like the way you put that – pared down to essentials.

    Babs: the landscape mode is growing on me!

    Annie: I have an old slate chalkboard that hung in my Mom’s school in the 20’s. In my family well all left notes on it alerting those that needed to know where we were going, phone calls to be made, and so forth. It hangs in my kitchen today. I love it so. And I like to think I can see all those notes written over the years, shadows just beyond my vision.

    Derrick: landscape is popular! I’ll be over for the award. You are so kind. Thank you!

    José: it is always a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you!

    Bridgette: thank you for answering my question. I have been reading your blog since long before I had mine. I am not all that far from Seattle and thought often it would be nice to see your work in person.

    Janettte: Sorry; there was a taste of the evaluation for free. I never intended anyone to spend money.

    Elizabeth: I just love Buster. I would give him a bone if I were closer. Thank you for the comment “subtlety of design.”

    Robyn: I love the pottery my friend Michel makes. She made two of these vessels, both hand built of course. She is a master potter, with more than 30 years experience of having her hands I clay.

    Ann: Yes, I find assessing where I am going helpful. I can loose sight of the road sometimes.

    May Ann: Introversion and Extroversion is mostly about how we process information; our preferred style. I find it a helpful concept. I have so enjoyed your suggestion about sharing the art on our walls. As artist we have wonderful collections!

  14. I love the way your writing is hiding underneath layers of paint... and how the black gesso shows everything off... and your story of the hawks and eagle. Beautiful post. Roxanne


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