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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Question #2

Laughter and Silence 6 x 6 collage by Leslie Avon Miller

What is it that you give to your creativity?

These are my answers: Curiosity. Reverence. My time, my energy, my resources, my attention, my love, my respect. Connections with other creative people. Looking at things, everywhere. My blog! We built a building that is one half studio and one half wood shop. That was really a big commitment for us. It feels like a gift every time I walk over there. It is a project still under construction. Being creative is a state of being but it is also a relationship - me and my creativity.

And blog readers wrote that they give

Being open
Going different places, walking, looking, reading, talking
I write lot
I write snippets for artist statements
I collect quotes
I give my all
It’s all I think about
I make a commitment and get into the flow
Intention and willingness to explore
One voice joining with others
Showing up
Seeing a project through
Willingness to listen to my soul
To keep my heart open
My heart and soul
I am willing to put the fruits of my creativity out there
I give my closest attention
My time
My passion
I study
I practice


  1. Leslie--I love "Intimate Conversation 1". I also like you comments on Question 2. It sounds like you feel like I do (and I am finding that so many others do too) about why we "do" it. It is almost like you "have" to, don't you think? The oddest thing will spark an interest in my wanting to turn something into a piece of art. I think that is what and why we do it. Looking forward to seeing the collage exchange online next. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Leslie--just went to the site. I saw Joan Schulze's work there. I am very familiar with her work. I have her book and she has a studio in SF. She also does really beautiful quilts. I think that her stuff is incredible. Have you ever seen any of her work? I am going back there now to view the rest. Thank you again for pointing me to the exhibit. I usually get an email from Joan but have not yet.

  3. Another inspiring list. Reading through, I find it very moving in a beautiful kind of still and reverent way - I guess because of how much of it rings true. It's not how I usually start my mornings, so thanks for these moments.

  4. As I read through your list, I thought many of the statements fell into three categories: time commitment, materials and space to work, openness of mind/heart to a variety of experiences including study/writing. There, Leslie, that's the wrapping I place on your present to us.

  5. Hi Leslie,

    I imagine that most artists also give something that can't quite be put into words?

  6. Such an interesting and varied list of responses. Many definitely resonate with me!

  7. I've been traveling about visiting your sidebar...nice photo of you and the have an easy warm smile.
    Looked all around the International Collage Exchange...lovely, such diversity in collage makers!
    Enjoyed reading both your answers to question #2 as well as the collective of bloggers myself included.
    You have created a blog easy and inviting to visit...thank you.

  8. I give it the best, the strongest, and the most vulnerable parts of me.

    Loving this series...

  9. These pieces of conversations are also very touching to me, oh what beautiful souls artist's have. Have you considered compiling these into a book form? Your art is stunning... "laughter and silence" and your banner amazing. Roxanne

  10. Again almost all of the above....and I forgot to say that....and that ....and that :-)

    Laughter and Silence is filled with I hear the soft chuckle of a Buddhist monk?

    Love the photo in the sidebar. The watercolours are huge!Wonderful colours!

  11. First of all, thank you for the question. This is one I've never thought about and realize is important.

    Because I haven't thought about creativity in this way, I haven't given it enough.

    But I try to give it as much time as possible, I try to give it my attention, I try give it my delight when it shows its face and I try to give it the practice it needs to become better.

  12. What a thrill, I was at Jo,s and saw your Meme (what does it mean?) it is amazing after the contact through the blog to actually see your work she had something from Jeanne as well it was so special.

    Love "Moodling"

  13. love this piece and REALLY love 'its about time' on your sidebar. thanks for stopping by my blog!


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