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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wish Bone Revised

Wish Bone, 20 x 20 inch on birch panel, by Leslie Avon Miller

Today I enjoyed a fun Saturday morning at home with Kurt drinking good coffee, reading your blogs, and then it was off to the studio. I think Wish Bone has come together now. I added a checkerboard which I blended in to the whole, lightened up the value of the “tide of black” at the top, and added final details. I like it. I’ll let it cure, and then if I still like it I will try the cold wax top coat I think. That will give it a very soft sheen, and depth. I like the depth of small details which go on and on in this piece. I had fun as the painting was coming to completion. It felt right somehow.

I am finding I am appreciating the strength of the birch panel. I’ll wean myself off of using paper and just start painting on the gessoed birch. I have several sizes of panel waiting for me in the studio. I might gesso up the three 36 inch by 36 inch panels so I can work larger.

I also have another Bone Painting going now, and nearing completion; called Elephant Graveyard. I like the name for many reasons. It is much more organic than the other bone paintings, as I have gone with the look of many small worlds. I will still be making small collage on paper. It is easy to do in the evenings, and I made some yummy papers as I transferred paint on and off of the Old Bones paintings.


  1. Love this series Leslie...I really do.
    The work reminds me of time worn walls soaked in the wisdom of age.
    The texture is enticing, as is the neutral palette...exciting to know you are thinking of working larger too...

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Nice to see these pieces hanging and the others in your sidebar. Maybe your wall light inspired the checkerboard marks? Is the birch similar to a single layer sheet of plywood?

  3. Leslie, I really like this piece, in both its incarnations. The checkerboard adds just the right touch. And, how about one titled "aching bones" which is what I have now after all my yardwork. It would have red in it representing the pain . . .

  4. I find Wish Bone very peaceful and grounded, Leslie. Beautiful work.

  5. seeing these pieces in your home setting speaks alot about your esthetic - nice

  6. Perfect!
    The checkerboard and value changes are just right.
    Of course we had no doubt.

  7. Strong sence of simple true harmony. Thank you!

  8. A beautful balance and calmness to your work Leslie - you earned your morning coffee and conversation - have a good week

  9. VERY nice . . . what a beautiful still life you have arranged there. Worthy of another painting!

    I like wishbone up on your header, as well.

    May all your wishes come into being as successfully as your painting did!

  10. I see a show coming up in the near future... perhaps a gallery show in Port Angeles or a studio show. The world needs to see this series.

  11. Leslie,
    Can you describe your process for making the birch panels? (It is birch plywood, correct?) Do you actually make a frame and then attach the birch just to the top? I would be interested in how you do it or a link to info. about it. Thanks. I used to do woodblocks in birch ply. I loved how soft and easy it was to carve into and then when I printed I didn't get too much interference from the grain either.

  12. This piece looks wonderful especially in combination with your other objects. You know how to make simple shapes look so appealing.

  13. Yes!!! Wish bone looks fantastic, Leslie and so great hanging on the wall. I agree with Jo ....I see a show looming on the horizon.

  14. Jo H: Thank you. I adore the look of old walls. I could paint just that for a very long time….

    Derrick: We replaced the wall sconces when we arrived at this house. We both liked the squares.

    Mary: Aching bones with red! Have at it. I’m still not able to dance with red….

    Sandra: Thanks for stopping by. We are nearly neighbors – BC is just 16 miles away from us.

    Babs: Thank you!

    Galina: I enjoy the complex textures and simple shapes. I also enjoy the header at your blog; talk about texture!

    R. Rose: A good week to you as well!

    Carol: Wishes – more art time for one!

    Jo R: I would need some more work! I’ve decided to carry on with some smaller pieces that I can do in the moments I can catch for art. I was off work last week which opened up an expanse of time….

    Teri: Yes. I will do a post soon on the panels and provide links to persons who know more than I do. I’ll take photos of Kurt’s work, and explain what we do.

    India: Thank you for coming by. I love the earth colors you use in your work.

    Ro: Thank you! This is a display area I can keep simple. I have others areas that have happy clutter; magazines and books, things we use.

    Robyn: I hadn’t thought of a show - perhaps more pieces first! Even though I am going to work larger, first I will work smaller and do a few Bone collage on smaller panels. That fits better with my work schedule. How about an internet show so all my bloggyhood friends can attend?

  15. Jeane: I would like to have a Big Rock studio visit with you. If it becomes a Big Rock it will happen!

  16. I enjoy all your "bones", Leslie. Nice neutrals and textures. Peaceful.

  17. Thanks Wllow. I am enjoying the Bones paintings. Where they will lead I don't know...

  18. Lovely! I like how you included a photo of the piece on the wall--it gives me a good idea of its size and what it might look like in person. I really like the earthy texture and colors in this one--and it looks fabulous on the wall.

  19. Thank you Megan. I like earthy contemporary. Still life with art. It has been so popular maybe I will keep showing my art this way. Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Wonderful piece... what is a cold wax topcoat, by the way? I love watching how you work from your posts, and reading your thoughts. Elephant Graveyard sounds very intriguing... Roxanne

  21. thanks for your comment on my blog today leslie, i love coming over here and seeing what you're working on.

    these pieces are so appealing. i love the weathered texture and adore square format. i actually almost wrote in my post that were i an abstract painter i would be painting in muted grays and blacks right now, so i was a little shocked by how much these paintings spoke to me at this time!

  22. SO....

    where is your exhibition? Lets see the etsy shop because have it going on. Talk about interior design magazines lapping your art and gallerys selling it like hotcakes. I am serious.
    In fact I want wishbone.

  23. Hi Leslie:

    I've been wandering through your blog looking at all the beautiful paintings you've created.

    If ever I own the house of my dreams, I would want to decorate my walls with your artwork.


  24. I love your wishes and bones and wishbones.

    tres minimal!


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