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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Muse is Happy

Big Rocks is a possible title, by Leslie Avon Miller

Old Bones by Leslie Avon Miller
What a great day this was. I started my day fully focused on creativity. I had a number of phone conversations with artists who I admire and appreciate. I was honored to coach a few artists working in calibration with the artist. The benefits of previous sessions were celebrated, and visions even more expanded. It is truly thrilling to hear about success, and the ease with which it flows when we are working in alignment with our values, or as we sometimes say around here, in alignment with the Big Rocks. It’s like the universe steps out half way to meet us at the place of our dreams.

I feel expanded, open, flowing, enthused, and delighted! It is better than Christmas.
To be witness and co-facilitator for the expansion of creative visions and dreams, happening right now, and coming into to being as we speak, is a tremendous thrill and a gift to me.

So, from that kind of energy I went to the studio, and worked on the Old Bones paintings. I have been adding layers, and making changes to these paintings, trying to bring forth my vision. I am frustrated however, by photography. I am going to have to learn how to use the newer SLR camera. I just can’t get a good enough photo with the little camera.

So I scanned these images. Since the paintings are on birch, and measure 20 inches by 20 inches, they are much too big for the scanner. So what you see here are cropped portions of the work. I wanted to show you the deep texture that I just can’t capture with the small camera. The Big Rocks painting is the one I wrote on with a graphite pencil which I talked about in my Moodle post.

I think I should clarify my last post. I don’t actually have the ways and means to take my work shop (currently in development) to Australia or New Zealand. I am letting the universe know that’s something I would like to do. I could hold onto that idea and never make it happen. So I decided to say it out loud as an intention. It is a great dream, goal, idea, and vision. Now I am making myself accountable to make it happen.


  1. YAY!

    If you biuld it, they will come.

    Not only that, I will take you on a secret sister Aussie initiation, that involves much esoteric women's business and the eating of a "chiko roll." Nina Bagley has braved it and I am gald you made the statement, because as you say:

    the universe steps out half way to meet us at the place of our dreams.

    Can I quote that? I love it.

  2. There are some lovely "distressed" areas on these pieces that I assume were created by accident. The effect reminds me of old paint on wood that has been left out in the weather. Is this acrylic?

  3. You have chosen an excellent medium to expose yourself and your work shop.

  4. Oh Leslie! And I was just getting my suitcase ready for the big trip! Later perhaps?

    I really like the old bones image. Such a lot of texture and "stuff" going on. Good luck with the other camera.

  5. i love the feel of these~ and your enthusiasm~
    and the degas quote.

    do you typically mat and frame your collages?

  6. These are so wonderfilled,,,both.
    The lower one really is outstanding with textures and a rawness that so appeals to me.
    I'd like to ask:
    Are there any actual collaged elements onto/into the overall piece, or do you achieve the effects with paint only? I mean is it a mixed media collage, or a mixed media painting? I love the idea of the birch,,, another organic addition.

    "expect a miracle" is my favorite saying,,just another way of 'putting it out there'.

  7. the muse is with you Leslie! Big rocks, old bones - lovely! you deserve your success

  8. Your two collage paintings speak to me Leslie, especially Old Bones. Love it!

    I think I'm beginning to believe that the universe steps out to meet us half way and having a good life coach doesn't hurt either.

  9. Ooooo! The Muse IS happy! These are wonderful. I especially like the first "rocks" piece.

  10. I really like the 'old bones' piece, Leslie - I like that it has darkness and light.....

  11. Fantastic glimpses. So textural and so natural. Isn't it wonderful when creativity strikes?

  12. The muse would be crazy not to be happy with these beauties. The texture is wonderful, scratches, marks, lovely. I'm drawn to the 'old bones' piece both in it's texture and color and concept. Ride the good ride Leslie!

  13. Incredible work as always. Is it possible to varnish over graphite pencil without smudging? I am always looking for new ways to write in paintings.

  14. Obviously the Universe is treating you kindly. I imagine its flattered by the way it find its self expressed in your work.

    And as an added bonus its sending you to Australia and New Zealand!


  15. Wow! I really like the Old Bones painting!

  16. I read your interview and was very impressed about your philosophy of living as well as your lovely art.


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