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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saying Yes to Contemporary Collage

Saying Yes by Leslie Avon Miller

Saying Yes, Saying No

A quiet satisfaction, a sense of anticipation.
Sorting, choosing, releasing.
Listening to myself.

Letting go of old ideas, paths once explored,
but now I turn back. Saying no, so I can say yes.
There is clarity in this action.
I feel the power.

Contemporary collage paintings.
Minimal softness,
textures, shapes and marks.
Non-objective mark of the artist.

Line and space.
Neutral colors of the earth
and of the rocks, of the elements.
Weather, time and thought my subject.

Deepening my voice with knowing and
the mystery of future discovery.


My possibility is exquisite expansive
breathing room – to create.
Saying no, I have said yes, and now I find myself
standing inside the room with space, my studio.

My perspective has become more certain.


  1. What uplifting words. You certainly have a wonderful voice here. Many favorite lines but one that stands out...Saying no, so I can say yes. Yes!

  2. This collage is beautiful Leslie - and your words are sound happy and peaceful - like you are in the right place..

  3. This new piece is stunning! Your words are well placed and thoughtful...thank you for sharing. Enjoy your new studio space!

  4. You are such an inspiration, thank you for the poem. And more for sharing it :)

  5. Leslie, you absolutely have me captivated!
    Thoughtful art and words here...
    "minimal softness" :) I like that.
    Enjoy your new sacred space!

  6. Love the collage. Lovely Winter colours. I'm with Seth - Saying no so I can say yes has a punch I like. Resonant. Thanks.

  7. Wonderful new piece of work Leslie and inspirational words that just say it all - thanks again for just making my day brighter!

  8. More inspiration over here! Lovely, lovely poem. ((sigh))

  9. Okay, Leslie, not only are you a talented artist, but you can write, too. I'm jealous. . . but happy to see your art and read your words. Sounds like you are in your new studio and creating again. Love the new collage.

  10. Yes! I've decided to say yes to contemporary collage myself and I'm so inspired by your work!

  11. Really cool, and love your banner!

  12. There's nothing bastract about the changes it produces in me. Very satisfying.

  13. Jo R: I laughed, because I take this to mean you know of what I speak!

    Seth: I need the uplift of these words as well.

    Oliag: I can see that this is the right place to be.

    Mary Ann: Thank you. I am going to enjoy the studio, even in its incompleteness, which is freeing in a way. It doesn’t matter if paint gets on the floor!

    Robin in Las Vegas: Thanks for stopping by. I don’t think of myself as a writer or poet, but I wanted to get clear with myself.

    Jo H: Yes, it is a sacred space, a space to be creatively engaged and find out what happens. It’s so exciting!

    Annie: Thanks for stopping by. I am pleased these words resonated with you, as your words often do for me as well!

    Dorie: Yes, this is back to my roots. I’ll have to think about when I knew I was a minimalist, a lover of the contemporary style of work.

    Ms. Rambling Rose: Your envelope book is an inspiration to me as well! I enjoy seeing what you have going on over at your blog.

    Willow: You are a “words and image” inspiration yourself.

    Mary B: I am a fan of your words and work as well!

    Crystal: Saying Yes to inspiration feels good! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  14. Babs; I love to crop a part of a painting for my banner. (Even if the painting itself no longer exists in that form.)

    Dave: Well thank you. I don’t consider myself a poet, so if my words were satisfying, I am well pleased! I suppose when we speak our truth, it works.

  15. a woman of many talents - congrats on moving into your new space! must be very satisfying - love your header this morning!

  16. You are such an inspiration Leslie, and I have read your words a perfect moment for me.

    Great intense work!

  17. Jeane: I thought of you as I found this header this morning. I intuitively knew you might like it. We do have a thing about headers with marks, scratches and little details!

    Mary: I am glad these words were right for you in this moment. I feel stronger about saying no, now that I have committed by saying them here. Saying “no” can be such a challenge, but can free up our energy for the things that really matter to us. Saying no does not feel limiting now, it feels freeing.

  18. 2008 ICE Collage by Leslie

    I don't blame you. This is so lovely, really nice.


  19. Great post Leslie. Both words and painting are an inspiration. Wallow in that new space! What a treat.

  20. Thank you Anita. I try to keep one of each series for myself. I didn't at first, and then discovered I really did need to keep one, to commemorate each series, and my own growth as an artist.

  21. Thanks Robyn. No better post than an update on Bug! But I enjoyed writing this.

  22. I love the gold dots... this piece is lovely all around! I enjoyed your previous post too and really like Dave King's blog - pics and poems... thanks for mentioning him, I know I'll visit him again!

  23. Leslie,

    Congratulations for the excellent work you are making.
    As I said, there are many similarities between our work.
    The translator program allowed me to read all the texts you have produce.
    I felt great clarity and lucidity in the expresses ideas, which reveal in your work.
    Believe me, I am fascinated contemplating each of your works that, for me, are very inspiring and tranquillizers.
    I have a body of work almost ready to be photographed that later i will post to share.
    Continue working to fill us of happiness and joy.


    José Brito

  24. these words perfectly express how i feel, even though i'm not painting abstractly. but still...

    thank you....

  25. Yes is very positive in a time when everything seems to be no. I also see urban art influences by the way.

  26. Your words flow through me this morning... i am exhausted from life and need re-fueling... thank you! Roxanne

  27. Brenda: Going to read Dave King’s posts are like sitting in at an enthralling conversation at a Pub near a university. Eclectic, intelligent, and interesting. More dots to come I think.

    Jose: Thank you for visiting and looking at my work. I hope you are well also. I am pleased the translator program helps us to communicate. I do see similarities in our work. It fascinates me that across the globe we exploring in similar ways, and expressing ourselves through contemporary work. I look forward to seeing your new body of work.

    Lynn: I do see your face paintings as exquisite abstraction. I love your work, and your unique voice.

    Philip: I have a better time of creating if I am in a positive space. I turn off the news….

    Roxanne: I hope you soon feel renewed, and creative. Your work is rich.

  28. more dots! love it. great one!... and lovely words as well.

  29. Luisa: Yes, I'm enjoying the dots. More to come. Maybe even red ones....Thank you.


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