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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Copeland Collection

I have just received my copy of Dale Copeland’s book The Copeland Collection 100+ collages from the International Exhibition/Exchange. There is just so much eye candy jammed into this little book! Dale said she started her collection in 2000, when she began to organize the exchange. She says of the collage art in her possession “the entire collection has been promised to the museum Puke Ariki in New Plymouth, New Zealand when I die. They’re excited about this (but far too polite to tell me to hurry up).” Personally, I want the museum to wait a long, long time for the collection because I want to keep exchanging collage with the wonderful artists who participate!
Today’s art work is by Mimi Shapiro. Her handwritten note to Dale reads: “To Dale, Through art we will one day live in a world at peace.” I love this piece for its soft color and minimalism. Mimi has a web site of her work here. With your sense of humor in hand, go take a peek at her site and look at a piece called man manz. I especially think Jeane, who loves plastic, will enjoy this work. Myself, I’m still giggling….Back to the topic at hand…..
The second piece is by Dale Copeland. Dale’s web site is a fun place to visit. I think her sense of playfulness comes across quite well. She is well known for her assemblage art. If you would like a copy of Dale’s book, you can contact her through her web site.
About the exchange: Each artist sends in 13 collages. One collage is on permanent exhibition on the internet, one is for sale, and 11 are exchanged so each artist receives 11 in return for their own collection. In Dale’s book there are images of collages from 105 artists, 15 different countries and 24 states of the USA. I have been given permission to show some of the book to you. Copyright of the images remain with the artists, of course.
I have been contacting artists to ask permission to show their work. I am starting to feel the excitement about the 2009 exchange already! I will be posting more images of work in my collection from the exchange and from the book in the coming weeks.


  1. The man manz piece is a hoot! Just what I needed in this moment! Thank you for this fantastic posting today - your blog always brings new insights and joy

  2. hey Leslie - loved this post - will check out the links tonight - this really looks interesting and some juicey plastic on the horizon - has to be good!

  3. ps - header yummy as always!

  4. I'm a great fan of Dale's She's coming to Florida this month and I hope to drive down and meet her just to hang out for a little bit.

    This year I have promised myself I will do the exchange! Third attempt is charm, right?

  5. I am enjoying these links so much! Thank you Leslie for sharing them...I love Dale's collages...will you be participating in the exchange this year?

  6. Your texture work is exquisite -such richness in a cool sort of way.
    Makes me want to play with paint again rather than just words.

  7. I was just scanning through the collage exchange site and easily found yours....It's wonderful!

  8. Dear Leslie,

    I want to show all my admiration and affection for you work.
    I also want to wish a great new year in your artistic and personal life, together with all the ones you love.
    José Brito

  9. I'm going to see if my library has this book...

    Your WV is "suptoses"...
    Moses supposes his toeses are roses?

  10. Dale must be a saint! I've participated in print exchanges in the past, and I know what a lot of work it is for the organizer, especially on this scale. What a great idea and service - looks like a blast to be a part of.

  11. All just too wonderful.
    Dales website is incredible!!!
    I love your header too.

  12. Leslie, the Copeland Collection is glamorous. And your new banner is spectacularly beautiful. I adore you!

  13. R Rose: I am glad you enjoyed the plastic art. I love it when art moves us…..especially to laughter!

    Jeane: juicy plastic….hummm. This header is a bit of one of my collages from last year’s exchange.

    Martha: I adore Dale and what she does, and how she lives her life. I do hope you will participate this year. It’s very fun!

    Oliag: Yes! I will participate this year in the exchange. I’ve started my small collage. Looking at the pages of past exchanges is great eye candy!

    Elizabeth: I wonder about textures made with words….I adore words, and love to read. What are you writing?

    Jose: Best regards to you too, and thank you very much for the visit. I admire your work greatly.

    Willow: aren’t you having fun with the word verification! Your rhyme made me smile.

    Bob: Yes, Dale is a saint and a talented artist as well. She has posted some photos of herself surrounded by that volume of mail she receives near the due date of the exchange. Photos are at her web site.

    Jo: Dale’s site is a marvel. I have a lot of fun looking at my art for blog header material. Glad you enjoy it!

    I Love B & W: xxoo!

  14. I peeped at this website a few months ago and forgot about it so I'm pleased you reminded me. There are so many wonderful artists creating extraordinary work.


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