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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Elucidation Give Away

There is reason for a celebration today….this is the one month anniversary of Textures Shapes and Color. My, but its fun to have a blog! So, to mark this occasion, there is a blog gift available. Yes. Elucidation, (7 x 7) the piece above, will be sent off to live with one of you. So even if you don’t create collage, you can have one, just like all the people in the International Collage Exchange. Simply leave your comment about this post, and next week my cute husband will draw a lucky winner’s name from a basket. (Did I tell you I used to weave organic style baskets?) I have noticed in the give aways at other blogs, the drawing is often done by cute children, or talented pets. I am fresh out of cute kids, and our three kitties, charming as they are, have seldom cooperated with much of anything. So, cute husband will draw the name of the winner on Monday evening, the 12th of January. Maybe kitties will help him. Or not.
I am going to be engaged in other activities over the next several days, so I doubt there will be any new posts from me, but I will check comments and perhaps even post a new photo or two.
Now for your reading pleasure, here is a treat. My friend Niya, an accomplished artist, designer and writer, has written a story, as have several other people. Those stories are published at Curly Red Stories here. She mentions a title she submitted to the web site What Was I Thinking (58 bad boyfriend stories). Niya’s story is entitled Jon Boy. A piece of her lovely red art work is there for your viewing pleasure as well. Enjoy!
Also, in the previous post on this blog is a lovely comment from an artist from Lisboa, Portugal, Jose Brito. He is creating some wonderful dramatic work, a series on communication. He uses a lot of darks. Do go take a peek. Perhaps leave him a comment.
Good luck in the drawing!


  1. Oh, yes, please, do count me in! How much fun is this?!

    I didn't realize your lovely blog is only one month old! Wow, I'm very impressed.

    Love your artsy tea mug!

  2. Leslie, I can't believe your blog is only a month old! Thanks for the inspiration, and Congratulations!

  3. I agree with the above - hard to believe your blog is only a month old - please, yes, include me in drawing for this fabulous collage - also I checked out Jose's site - man, he is good!loved his stuff! have a great week!

  4. I would be so happy to win one of your pieces of art! How much fun is a give-away!...I've been looking to see if you have an Etsy shop.
    Congratulations on the one month anniversary! Your blog really does look and feel as though it has been around a lot longer.

  5. Great idea to do this - a great way to share with your blog readers. I may have to try this myself!

    Congratulations on your milestone - I hope you keep up your blog momentum! That's a selfish request as I'm enjoying it immensely. Along that vein, please throw my name in the hat...

  6. Leslie, Congratulations not only on the month celebration but on the success of your has been a pleasure to "FOLLOW THIS BLOG"!! I so like your work, please toss my name into the handmade (I bet beautiful) basket!
    Mary Ann

  7. Such a lovely idea!!! And happy birthday to your blog!!
    You changed your banner, I really like it. sor some reason, I associate you with colours that makes us think about earth, soil, trees, roots. And the banner gives that feeling, I think.
    No need to say to please please include my name into your lucky basket :)

  8. I'd really love to have a piece of your work so fingers crossed your husband picks mine out of the lucky basket - congrats on your blog - only a month I too am amazed - what energy and inspiration you have put into it
    Thank u so much !!

  9. Happy Blog Birthday, Leslie.
    I have just got back from reading Niya's story!!! didn't know whether to laugh or cry "brilliant" thanks for another wonderful link!
    Jose's blog will certainly be visited too.
    Fingers and toes crossed for the draw!!! :)

  10. Dear Leslie

    Thanks a lot for your affection and generosity.
    I’m really happy seeing that you mencion my page on your blog.
    I use to reveal all my admiration for your work.
    You collage/paiting, your palette, that is reallt light, where the transparents reveal a deep knowledge e sensibility.
    The caligrafic spots possess rhythm and musical sensible.
    Your compositions reveal a dinamic and poetic of a great contemporary.

    José Brito

  11. Leslie, your abstract work is all I love in abstracts and your posts very educational so I have made it a "must do" to read your blog carefully and learn from you beautiful art.

  12. Leslie. Definitely throw my hat into the ring. I would love to own one of your artworks. And congratulations on your first month. I am so glad that I found your blog early!

  13. Oboy oboy oboy. Hat in ring. Fingers crossed. I love love love your work. xo

  14. Dear Leslie,
    I love your work and I would love to win this collage. I am just learning to introduce texture into my work -- I have been painting for over 25 years and have never been interested in texture. Your blog has been an inspiration to me, and it's hard to believe it's only one month old. Congratulations!

  15. i am sure i am too late, but as long as hubby is cute..then I am in.. your explanation is so adorable..will he be wearing a tiara?

  16. Yes please count me in!!! I love your collages and this one is perfect for a very special spot in my house. Holding thumbs and toes and doing the dance of joy... just in case :-)

    Congratulations on your 1st month birthday. Love your banner!

  17. me, too, please, Leslie. Giveaway's are lots of fun, especially gifts from you. Enjoy your time away. We'll all be here waiting when your return.

  18. Hi,
    My first visit to your blog,love it, and definitely will be back!

    If it's not rude to enter the drawing on the first visit, please include me,,,,I'd be honored to own this piece!

  19. Contented ColourFriday, 09 January, 2009

    Love your blog ....and your collages.
    I also am new to blogging, I find it difficult to do it daily as I am slow...but I love it as I love your work Janette

  20. Oh my goodness I am so glad that i discovered your blog. I have just started to try a few collages and mixed media pieces, it's hard with an almost 2yo and one due in march but I get so much pleasure out of it. Even if I don't win I will be a regular visitor.

  21. Dear artist,

    I hope that everything is fine with you.
    Thanks a lot for the countless comments and demonstration of affection that have sent by the blog or e-mail.

    In my work i get newspapers pages and i work on them.
    By the collage, manipulation and intervention with newspapers clippings, explore this artist technique to read again and to represent the contemporary world.
    This boarding places many theoric questions about the graphic/image composition (the graphic spots) while regist and mean of expression, the origin and historic development of the clipping and collage technique, the collage in modern e contemporary art history, the use of photographic images by the visual communication and by the advertising and, especially, about the feelings that a visual message should and can produce, among the others.

    I don’t know if i have been explicit but, i will have all the pleasure discuss this questions, i’m always available to any question.
    I use to reveal all my admiration and affection for your work exposed in blog.

    Yours, José Brito

  22. Happy birthday Leslie! Thanks for your mind-improving blog, excellent legends, beautiful colors and masterwork. Love it.

  23. I am new to collages and I'm lurking around collage sites to get inspiration. Your site is one of my favorites and I would love,love, love to win this collage of yours. But whether I win or not, your blog is bookmarked so I can keep coming back and learning from you.

  24. Thanks to your comment on my blog I’ve found yours, Leslie. Congratulations on your blog milestone. Please enter me in your give-away. I intend to explore your blog more thoroughly—even your title is so akin to my attraction to art—textures, shapes, and color!

  25. HI there! I stumbled over here from The Altered Page, what a stunningly beautiful collage piece! I'd really love to know what materials you used to make it... if you have time would you mind emailing me, or if you post an answer here, could you let me know somehow? Really, really beautiful. Brava!

  26. This is such a beautiful piece.


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