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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Edges of Things

untitled collage Leslie Avon Miller

I like the edges of things
the way two elements come together
and are changed by the experience.
A third energy is born
untitled collage Leslie Avon Miller
To explain this in words
is to diminish the happening.
And yet I endeavor
to explain.
This morning I watched the sunlight
create a multitude of abstract paintings on my walls.
A strong dash of a line.
A pattern with rhythm.
untitled collage Leslie Avon Miller
In our solitude we are one person.
In our interactions, at the edges,
we experience a portal
and become, even fleetingly, changed.
My art avoids the boxes of words,
and moves to another dimension.
A dash of a line.
A pattern with rhythm.
untitled collage, Leslie Avon Miller
This is my poetry.
This is the essence of my content.
At the edges I am changed.


  1. I have been away from blogging but now that I have a new scanner, I will be able to post more often. I have missed blogging!
    A few people have asked if I am still coaching. I have been coaching a few artists. If you are interested please email me.
    If you would like to see more collage, I recommend you check out my pinterest board on college. I'll add a link to my side bar. "See" you again soon!

  2. While savouring this beautiful post a koan (I wrote in my quote journal a few weeks ago) came to mind.

    "A monk asked Nansen: `Is there a teaching no master ever preached before?'

    Nansen said: `Yes, there is.'

    `What is it?' asked the monk.

    Nansen replied: `It is not mind, it is not Buddha, it is not things.'"

  3. These are beautiful Leslie and I loved thinking about the sunlight on the wall. Sometimes explanations overwhelm; sometimes - like this one - they lighten and lift. I think edges and the interactions that happen there are so very intriguing...go well.

  4. Hi LAM - edges have possibilities - will they join another; will they stand strongly alone; will they overlap without connecting? I think edges are like that edge of one's vision where you can see but not see. Great to see your work again. Peace. B

  5. As much as I love words, I think I love their absence more. Paradox for sure. I am trying to get back to my blog too. I loved your coaching sessions years ago……maybe that is what I need…..
    Beautiful collage!

  6. I always love when I come across one of your blog posts Leslie. So wonderful to hear that there are likely to be more soon!

  7. lovely to see your gentle self and posts return. especially love the second piece.

  8. I see wonderful collages here... and your words about edges are so poetic and thoughtful... all very lovely.

  9. At the edges I am changed ...... I love that Leslie. Your poster worth waiting for. I enjoyed reading about how you see you work and it becomes your poetry. I too am intrigued by the way things interact and overlap and nudge each other forming edges. One 'edge' which has always intrigued me is when the oceans meet land - that juncture where so many different edges are formed and marks are made and laid. Glad you have your scanner and will be back more often. x

  10. brilliant, both images and words...

  11. Beautifully done, both the images and the words.

  12. Great work! I still love your images! Glad to have more time now to visit your blog!

  13. Your creations, edges and words - all so beautiful- they make me sigh

  14. The edges - yes - you tread in truth there.


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