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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Small Things of Life

Leslie Avon Miller, accordion fold booklet

The small things of life were often so much bigger 
than the great things . . . the trivial pleasures like cooking, 
one's home, little poems especially sad ones, 
solitary walks, 
funny things seen and overheard.

~Barbara Pym

Leslie Avon Miller, paper construction

Small things I like today:




Small boxes with lids

The word “evening”

Roots of trees


The smell of clean 

Leslie Avon Miller, paper construction

 In the studio I now have photography back drops of a variety of neutral colors. They are actually sheets, but they seem to do the trick, as long as I have a lint brush handy. The gray and coffee-with-cream colors seems less harsh than white or black. 

I continue to experiment with water colors, washi papers, various fibers and powdered graphite. 

Leslie Avon Miller, paper construction

If you read and posted a comment on the last post, you will want to know who won the drawing for one of these paper constructions.

Liz Davidson's name was pulled from the basket. A package is on the way to her as we speak.Thank you all for your comments. 

A note about the quote which begins this post. I was not familiar with Barbara Pym, but now that I have read more about her works, I look forward to reading them. You can read more about her books here at a blog called A Fondness for Reading. 

What small pleasing things are on your list?