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Monday, April 30, 2012

It’s a Party!

Seth Apter’s book launch tour is coming to the northwest, and going International to boot.
Vancouver, British Columbia is my favorite city. I take every opportunity to visit when ever I can.

The Vancouver party is happening at Le Marché St. George, 4393 St. George at the corner of 28th in Vancouver.

The event is this Thursday, May 3rd at 7 p.m.  I look forward to meeting Seth, Patricia Larsen, Lelainia Lloyd and perhaps you! 

You are invited to bring your book and join the get together. Art, friends and good times. What more can you ask?

I know Seth is bringing his self portrait as will I, so you can see these works in person. As much as I love the internet for the expanded opportunities to see art, seeing work up close and in person is irreplaceable.

A few marks currently happening in my studio. 

Work in Progress
by Leslie Avon Miller

Then the book tour moves to Bellevue, Washington, just outside of Seattle. We will be gathering at Bellevue Art and Frame on Saturday, May 5th from noon until 2 p.m. Bellevue Art and Frame is giving 20% off all books purchased during the signing event and Door Prizes! The location is 13131 North 20th Street.

Seth, DonnaWatson and myself will be discussing art, answering your questions and providing short demos. If you follow Donna's blog you will know her avenue to art is founded in a zen approach emphasizing personal meaning in artistic expression.  Donna is a master artist who is very knowledgeable about design and composition. I look forward to hearing what she has to tell us, and seeing what she brings to share.

Path to Harmony

Some of my mark making tools. 

The large piece of charcoal came from a forest in the high desert of Oregon.
Kurt hiked out to get some for me. Its one of my favorite tools.

I will bring a few paintings that incorporate marks to share with you. 

Serendipity is invited as a partner to my own art work. 

At the Bellevue event I will tell you some of the ways I create opportunity for marks to present themselves in my work. 

In this excerpt from the Pulse of Mixed Media, I explain a bit about how I work.

Artist Statement 
Leslie Avon Miller


Fling paint, make marks, rip and tear.
Use sticks, palette knife, brush, and tools.  
Rags, papers, and spray move paint around.
Explore, experiment, and discover.

Build layers of dark and light.
Scratch, scrub, and sand to reveal.
Contemplate, integrate, design, and adjust.
Express, connect, communicate, be content.

And begin again.

Seth Apter in his studio.
After the Q and A there will be a book signing with Seth, Donna and myself, as well as with Alicia Caudel, Robert Stockton, Lisa JonesMoore, and Delorse Lovelady -- all of whom will be in attendance and are contributors to the book.

I’ve been anticipating these artful gatherings for months, and it’s finally almost here!