contemporary collage paintings
the process
Leslie Avon Miller

My life flows when I'm in my art.

Jean De Muzio

Sunday, January 11, 2015

haiku for the new year

new year's haiku 1
Leslie Avon Miller
At the change of the year I require light, and space and room to breathe. I need time for mental clearing away and sorting to allow room to allow freshness in my life. January is such a personal month. I withdraw, cocoon and cleanse, preparing for what is to come.

new year's haiku 2
Leslie Avon Miller
I find myself stacking antique Japanese glass floats on an equally aged silver tray. They capture and reflect the pale winter light. Their aura is simple. They reflect my mood, symbols of vintage beauty brought forward in news ways to this time and this place.

new year's haiku 3
Leslie Avon Miller

The rich sparseness of Haiku appeals to me. I find myself sorting, choosing, tearing, shaping and arranging small space to please my need for minimalism and clarity.

new year's haiku 4
Leslie Avon Miller


threading a needle
on new year's day
the spool unwinds
Jane Reichhold
new year's haiku 5
Leslie Avon Miller
                                The first page of my new journal reads:
365 new days
and the second page
Let your life be a painting
Let your life be a poem
new year's haiku 6
Leslie Avon Miller
Best of new year wishes to you.