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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Dream Remembers Us

Photo by Leslie Avon Miller

What we want 
is never simple.
We move among the things 
we thought we wanted:
a face, a room, an open book
and these things bear our names---
now they want us.

But what we want appears
in dreams, wearing disguises.
We fall past,
holding out our arms
and in the morning 
our arms ache.

We don't remember the dream,
but the dream remembers us,

It is there all day
as an animal is there
under the table,
as the stars are there even in full sun.

~Linda Pastan

Small time, small art. Tucked inside this simple folded paper envelope I placed a copy of the poem. This helps me  remember how I care for dreams, and animals and stars. 

Working with my own hand printed Japanese papers, my thoughts and new-to-me technology I am learning new ways to look at creativity. 


  1. I have been learning so many things- some about life, some about work, some about myself and new technology. These images are the beginnings of learning new photography approaches. My goal is to take satisfying still life shots using the small things I have collected from nature and family. Small things please me greatly for their own sake.

    My young teacher says "its always about the light, ambient light." And she says "choose one thing and begin with that." My lesson plan for sometime to come. One thing and light. Begin.

  2. I could take a lesson from this Leslie ....choose one thing and begin with that. Wise. And Difficult. Love this post, hiding poetry in amongst 'small art'. Inspiring as always.

  3. beautiful photo, the dragon fly wings are magic. I have copied the poem full of good thoughts too.

  4. Beautiful Leslie, I like the idea of the dream remembering us - it knows our truth beyond our desires. Your work is looking beautiful and I love the notion of small works of art - tiny treasures for sure. Go well.

  5. un petit rêve attrapé! beau!

  6. un petit rêve attrapé! c'est beau!

  7. Another poem for my book. You always find the meaningful ones, Leslie. Glad to see your art is flowing and that you have a teacher to help you through the technical hiccups. Your small art feels meditative. A great way to start my week.

  8. The words of the poem have resonated at just the perfect moment - I am going to open my new summer journal with them - thank you for sharing them Lesley

  9. Beautiful post. Beautiful art. Wise words for all of us. Truly an inspiration.

  10. Pure inspiration - the poem, and the words of your teacher. One thing. Begin with that. I need to remember this.

  11. I intended to leave my comment on this post, so I won't repeat it from the previous post……except to say I very much enjoy your art.

  12. J'aime beaucoup votre travail, ses respirations, les réflexions qui le guident. Vos photos sont remplies de votre sensibilité.
    Tout dans si peu.
    Heureuse de vous retrouver sur votre blog.

  13. Beautiful poem & images Leslie. This one really resonated with me right now... I have been restless, and this brought me a sense of calm. Thank you!


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