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Monday, July 11, 2011

The River of Silence

Becoming Visible

Silence helps me see, hear and feel. Silence helps me create.

Stillness puts me in touch with what is mine; the authentic, the quirky, the gift from the deep well from which we all draw up our creative water droplets.   I enjoy discovering the surprises that surface when I work in connection with stillness.

Only when you drink from the river of silence
shall you sing.
~Kahlil Gibran

Yet to Become

Never talk away the magic. 
Danish Saying 

Silence is not the absence of sound. The birds still sing, the fan softly whirs, the stream continues to rush to the sea. 

Silence is the absence of chatter, of distracting noise and loudness. 
Silence allows me to respond to what is happening on the surface as I work. 

Silence is a conversation without words between the work and and me.


I sat staring, staring, staring - half lost, 
learning a new language or rather the same language 
in a different dialect. 
So still were the big woods where I sat, 
sound might not yet have been born.
~Emily Carr

Silence is the space between the coming and going of my own thoughts. Quietude is the midwife of my work.

Shut up and play your guitar.
~Frank Zappa


  1. I have missed the silence of the studio for a few weekends now. I think that creates longing for that special space that lets me be in touch with the magic.

    As always, you can click on the images to see them larger.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Beautiful marks! . . with space!

  3. yet to become strikes me as lovely.

  4. Beautiful post Leslie. I know of that longing for the silence of the studio!
    Love the work you have posted here too.

  5. I enjoy the silence emanating from your painting.Wonderful!

  6. A thoughtful post, and inspiring images. "Becoming Visible' speaks to me particularly, but softly.

  7. Such beautiful work! I guess silence is different for each person.

    My silence always includes birdsong.

    Wishing you much silence . . .

  8. Very thoughtful post - you have captured 'the silence' magically in each of these paintings.

  9. silence can be such a friend in a studio .. what three wonderful paintings ..I like that you used the word descriptive

  10. "Quietude is the midwife of my work" what an extraordinary way of putting it. Your work expresses your calm. Thank you Leslie.

  11. lovely new pieces. I am always impressed with the freshness of your work and words. It must be the silence! A quality vastly underrated in our culture. It is in this silence, that the unseen has an opportunity to bubble up to the surface.

  12. Such very lovely words and thoughts on the beauty of silence and the connection of quietness in your studio as you work.. but I also see your marks and dots and lines as musical notes dancing on the surface-- welcome back.

  13. Love the Zappa quote!

    It's easy to feel the silence in these beautiful works!
    I often long for the silence myself,,,,
    "Becoming Visable" really captures my attention,,,,gorgeous!

  14. Each piece expresses the silence in such a beautiful way, Leslie. I live for those surprises that surface when creating art ..... especially in silence. Lovely, contemplative post!

  15. wonderful quotes..

    images with space..

    love silence,

  16. They are all great.
    It is calming and beautiful to look at it.
    I particularly like the first. And the titles are wonderful, too.
    greetings and have a happy day.

  17. Wonderful work and quotes. Love the Zappa one. Imagine there was no silence...

  18. does that mean you paint without music?

    i am surrounded by silence and need a lot of silence. days can go by when i do not speak to another human being.

    these last three years away from civilization have tempered me so that when i am in company it can be overwhelming.

    yet, i am not sure that anything much has come out of all this silence.

    thoughtful post and love your new work. hope you get back into the studio soon.

  19. These pieces you have included in the post capture the essence of visual silence. What a great pairing between your art and your words (or in the case of silence...lack of words).

  20. revelling in the quiet of my own workspace today...

  21. Thought provoking and lovely work Leslie.

  22. Such a lovely, quiet, tranquil read - thank you Leslie.

  23. LAM - the simplicity of the pieces speak silence. B

  24. Hi Leslie, Been reading a book by Thomas Merton-"Thoughts in Solitude", and another by Henri Nouwen-"The Way of the Heart". The need for quiet and solitude in this noisy, busy bombarment of daily living is what I crave. Your pieces are so calming to me. There is plenty of space for our eyes to be quiet and linger in solitude. I love what you are doing. Excellent post.

  25. Yes silence is the quiet place where creativity is born. Lovely words and lovely work Leslie. Thank you for sharing

  26. Hi everyone:

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

    There is a time for everything - silence, music, conversation. But eschewing things like loud advertisements and feels fabulous! Like Chris said - avoiding the busy bombardment.

    I am yearning for the studio this weekend. And this weekend I will check in with your blogs.

    I hope you are all finding the quiet you want. Who knows what will come up?

  27. silence et volupté..superbe..

  28. Wonderful paintings and inspiring words, Leslie -- thanks.

  29. Lovely work- the center on is exquisite! The quotes are a harmonious accompaniment to these beautiful marks.

  30. what a joy to find you
    (thanks ELK!) heart is soothed
    and settled
    as I wander along in the
    stillness you've invited.
    tender thanks,

  31. i too found you via elk :)

    i love the frank zappa quote and look forward to seeing more of you work :)

  32. i also found you through elk!
    how i LOVE your art & words
    & contemplative presence.
    so restful & inspiring here.
    ahhhhh! xo

  33. thank you, leslie: "silence IS golden"...indeed a treasure.
    always a challenge to describe the
    flow that begins when home alone,
    in the studio, alone, in silence...that
    inner sense takes over (it isn't even loud
    enough to be an inner 'voice')

    it silently speaks clearly

  34. Just beautiful- peaceful solitude within artistic elegance!

  35. Your art is an ode to silence.An appropriate reminder given all our distractions- that first quote is just beautiful.

  36. Olá Leslie,
    seu trabalho é mais maravilhoso, e depurado com grande leveza.
    do jeito que você está fazendo apenas com os elementos mínimos do discurso artístico.
    parabéns fabulososo percurso pictórico
    olhar para a maravilha da sua viagem.
    com amizade e gratidão ..

  37. Hello Leslie,
    Your work is wonderful, and debugged with great lightness.
    I admire the way you are painting, using only the minimal elements of artistic discourse.
    Congratulations for the excellent route.
    Looking at your way we can see a wonderful trip.
    With friendship and gratitude.

    PS. My apologies for my bad English and distraction.
    José Brito


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