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Sunday, May 6, 2012

On the International Road to Connection

 Short Story 1
by Leslie Avon Miller

If you attended the book signing for The Pulse of Mixed Media in Bellevue, 
this is the finished version of the piece on which 
I demonstrated mark making with various tools.

Seth is always busy and on the go. That's why he is a blur! 
Le Marche St.George in Vancouver

The Pulse of Mixed Media.

The Pulse is strong, healthy and having a wondrous bon time.

Patricia Larsen and her daughter, photographer Klee
Also in attendance was Patricia's daughter Janaki Larsen
Janaki is a potter making extraordinary works in white.

Then it was on to Washington, 
where Seth and Donna Watson met in Donna's stunning Japanese gardens.

If you have read the book, you know that 
Seth asked a number of questions. 
One of them was "Can you share a secret?"

Well I can share 5 of them!
Here are 5 secrets you may not know about Seth:

1. Seth can accomplish a lot in a 15 minute block of time. Blog, tweet, facebook, email; did I leave anything out?

2. He can strike up a conversation with anyone…the busboy, the host, an artist, the retail clerk.  

3. He is a night owl. It’s a good thing the internet community is open 24/7.

4. Tea drinker.

5. Seth is a peach. But you probably knew that.

Alicia Caudle and Donna Watson had a chance 
to visit after the final book signing event.

image by Seth Apter

A inspiring time was had by all.

Left to right

Robert Stockton
Leslie Avon Miller
Delorse Lovelady
Lisa JonesMoore
John Arbuckle
Donna Watson
Jeane Myers

Congratulations Seth. 
I hear your book has gone to a second printing. 
Way to go!

You can see more images of the book tour here.


  1. Wish I could have been there to congratulate you all! Love your demonstration piece, Leslie!

  2. THANK YOU, Leslie . . I've been anticipating and wondering about this event ever since (and thinking about it this week-end) I read about it. LOVE your mark making, all the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. HI Jann - I took over 100 pictures, but it wasn't enough. I anticipate more will be on the web from other people in attendance.

  3. Love your "short story" and your self portrait looks quite stunning on the table. looks and sounds like great fun was had by all! more pics, please so we get to feel a little like we were there too!

  4. Leslie, I so enjoyed your visit along with Seth to my home and gardens... and thank you for posting so many pictures of the book signing event and of Seth and everyone who joined us for lunch after the event.. it was a wonderful experience and your warmth and friendship only added to the creative time. I 'demo' piece came out so well.. congrats.

  5. un joli reportage d'une belle rencontre..le livre est surement magnifique! félicitation !

  6. Leslie... looks like you were all having a wonderful time together. What a brilliant meet-up and at the wonderful home and gardens of Donna.... I can only imagine from photos of her home gleaned from a blog post or two!
    I shall have to see where i can find the book...especially since it sounds as if there are people of note in there like yourself whose work I shall recognise!

  7. I enjoyed reading this post and watching the photos. I'm too far away (the Netherlands) to meet you all, but I would have loved to be there. Reading your post, it was like I was - for a moment. Thanks!

  8. I enjoyed reading this post and watching the photos. I'm too far away (the Netherlands) to meet you all, but I would have loved to be there. Reading your post, it was like I was - for a moment. Thanks!

  9. LAM- what a great get together - there would have been so much energy - and the generosity of D to er at her place. Wish I could have been there. Go well. B

  10. this looks to be a wonderful gathering up. haven't read seth's book, but i like how he celebrates the work.

  11. I can feel the excitement, the energy, the pulse from here! What a great opportunity to gather with creatives and celebrate. I love your demo piece Leslie and would have loved to have seen how you made the marks - what a shame there isn't a youtube (yet)! Hope you are home and enjoying the memories.

  12. really like your short story 1, Leslie

    and of course the beautiful story following.
    You got some lovely photos.

  13. hi Leslie - thanks so much for sharing such a warm and creative gathering - smiling wide with all of you - yes your demo piece is lovely - would that I could have been sitting at your side...

    xox - eb.

  14. Congratulations to you and everyone involved in the project.
    I bought the book and am loving romping through it.
    "Short Story 1" is beautiful.

  15. Loved seeing all the photos you took. I was so disappointed to have missed Seth when he was in DC as I flew out to the UK that same night. Seems like both the tour and book sales are doing incredibly well, Seth is amazing.

  16. Just as I had expected...smiles all around! Your photos capture those fun moments that last for the longest time. Thanks for sharing!

  17. The book is by Seth, and in a way it is about Seth – his ability to connect with artists; his gentle invitation to all to share the inner workings of the artist.

  18. Thanks for sharing the photos and some insight into Seth. I'm a great fan and it's wonderful you could all get together.

  19. "Short Story" is a wonderful piece! I love the photo of Seth in the movement of blur. That's just how I imagined him!

  20. Leslie - it was a pleasure meeting you and seeing you in "action"...and you even had time to complete your piece - you too (like Seth) must do many things at once!

  21. What a wonderful job you did on this post! Thanks for sharing all the photos of the great time, (multiply that by how ever many book signings Seth had!). He is a peach AND a sweetheart, a pied piper of artists for sure.

  22. How fabulous, this post!
    I, too, wasn't surprised by the blur of Seth.

    I love your demo piece, and the title is perfect!
    Second printing,,,,isn't that just excellent!

    I'm sure I soaked up all the excitement by osmosis, thank you!

  23. Thanks everyone! Even now a few days later I still can tap into that feeling of fun and camaraderie that came from meeting so many artists and hanging out with them. The mutual passion for art is great fodder for lively conversation!

  24. Hallo Leslie,
    thank you for this wonderful post. i love your Short Story I.
    'm happy for you that you have met these wonderful people. You had a good time . And you have wonderful photographic memories for you.

  25. Would have loved to have been there! Your demo piece is fantastic. I love Seth's book, he's a gem. Enjoyed all the photos!

  26. So nicely done, Leslie! I have taken away some great memories from Saturday in Bellevue! Love the picture of Seth silhouetted in Donna's window and framed with the lovely view of trees and water. I think the final outcome of your demonstration piece from the book signing event, is wonderful! I would say that you are making great strides in the direction of your elusive "white painting!" A very enjoyable post!

  27. What a treasure to seine time with you on this trip. It was a pleasure meeting you and these images bring back some wonderful memories. Can it he that it was just this past weekend?! Your demo piece is extraordinary!

  28. A second printing.... Now why am i not surprised?! Leslie, thank you so much for sharing this experience. You have no idea how much I would have loved to meet everyone in person and to be able to wallow in the buzz of it all. Yes i did have a very strong feeling that Seth is a peach so now you have confirmed it for me. LOVE your Short Story and of course your header had me swooning even before I read the post.

  29. love all the secrets you share....great! thanks Denise....

  30. Seth is a star!
    He even likes Buster (he has very good taste in art and dogs you know!)
    I think the book is being a great success.
    Well done, all of you.
    Happy weekend!

  31. Amiga amei teu blog, parabéns.
    Já sou tua seguidora.
    Visite o meu tem sorteio, te espero lá.


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