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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I want to tell what the forests were like.

Story in a Forgotten Language 

14 x 14 

Leslie Avon Miller

I want to tell what the forests
were like.
I will have to speak
in a forgotten language.

~W.S. Merwin

Close some doors.
Not because of pride,
but because that no longer fits your life.

~Paolo Coelho

I keep trying to change what I do all because of too much thinking, 
instead of letting it happen. 

What I do keeps on insisting to be here the way it wants to be. 
For that I am grateful.

You can’t help but be true to who you are; 
nobody can tell you how to be a good artist. 
Your soul is going to be in there anyway, if it exists at all.
 It can’t be some programmatic, rigid, 
ideological thing that’s outside of your own experience.

~Ellen Phelan

The only way you have anything to 
offer as an artist is to please yourself. 

 I am still telling stories in the studio, and dancing in the process.

Story to be continued.


  1. I am going to try to photograph this painting doesn't have any yellow. Its grey and black and grey/tan/warm tone. Photography is such a challenge when it comes to art!
    For now it's time for a glass of something and a little supper. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The image looks better now. You can click on it and see it larger if you like.

  3. The image shows no is sometimes challenging!
    You are telling your stories in your own beautiful way...powerful!

    1. Thank you Mary Ann. We can only really work in our own way, as I keep proving to myself!

  4. I think you've hit on a great composition here! And a great collection of quotes to offer us food for digging deeper into our art. (I typed heart by mistake first. Maybe that's what I meant?)

    1. Digging deeper into our heart/art...I like that!

  5. dancing
    to the music
    of a forgotten language
    and every day


    xox - eb.

    1. I think we all know forgotten languages on some level...

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Stefanie. I love your story drawings!

  7. j'aime cette peinture, mais malheureusement je ne comprends pas les mots l'accompagnant...

    1. Merci. J'utilise Google translate à comprendre des mots dans une autre langue. Merci pour s'arrêter par mon blog!

      One quote says - Une citation dit

      Je veux dire à ce que les forêts
      étaient comme.
      Je vais avoir à parler
      dans une langue oubliée.

      Le titre de ma peinture est une histoire dans un langage oublié.


  8. sighhhhh ....
    Almost at a loss for words.
    LOVE your painting and this post. Beautiful quotes to soothe.
    "I keep trying to change what I do all because of too much thinking,
    instead of letting it happen" ..... I know the feeling. Glad the good stuff keeps insisting.

    1. There is an insistence in the studio stronger than mine! Yesterday I noticed that when "I" surprise myself and feel the wonder, that's when the real painting begins!

    2. what you two are saying is so true and right it moves me.

  9. enjoy your painting. and the quotes are marvelous. i think of you in your new studio, processing...

  10. love this piece and the quotes - and love the image of you dancing in your studio . . .

  11. Such a beautiful new piece, keep dancing.

  12. food for eyes, thoughts and soul. thank you

  13. great new piece and wonderful thoughts

    and let`s dance. always good to be in motion

    many greetings ;)

  14. wonderful painting, Leslie . . I like the Steve Aimone quote. Once I started doing that, painting started becoming easier.

  15. "stories in forgotten languages"
    how I love that!

    Your work always appears to be so bold, confident, self assured.
    I am surprised to hear that you struggle,,,,or even would TRY to change what you do. Or why.

    Then I re-read the 'Standing On Fishes' in your sidebar:
    "I feel closer to what language can't reach"
    and I understand. It's universal, isn't it?

  16. ahh

    the last quote.
    That's it for me. And that you dance -


  17. my soul is so soothed
    and nourished
    by this powerful share.
    glad thanks,

  18. Your painting is definitely 'dancing' towards your inner voice. Can't wait for the continuing story.

  19. What a gorgeous painting. It looks so rich and deep. And as an artist I can really connect with the statement "You can’t help but be true to who you are"

  20. Powerful image and soul searching words. Quite a combination. Thanks for "holding nothing back".

  21. The world has almost won its program of beating me into submission. But I don't want to be a camera. Slamming that door with gusto is becoming attractive. I come here for rest and encouragement. Thank you for this blog and the poetics.


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