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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wisdom of the Bloggyhood Community

So today I was on a work road trip, and thinking about all the responses to my post about Art Gone Amuck. What a fabulous group of folks you all are. Thank you all so much for your helpful comments. I decided the wisdom list should be shared, so I listed the ideas you all suggested for artistic renewal. The list is already 28 ideas long!

So far I have been enjoying the break from the studio. I have walked, gathered things in nature with shapes, textures, colors, line and pattern. I see inspiration in all of them. I did make it back to the bookstore, and have “new” books on an artist I did not know, a how to watercolor book with great examples of color and shapes, a vegetarian cook book, and a book of photography. House cleaning was suggested. I cleaned our coffee maker – with a toothpick. I don’t play music, but I have listened to music that felt right. I have been reading, writing and thinking. I’m sure I will explore some of the other ideas before my break is over. I had envisioned a one week break, but that is open ended.

Sometimes a blog post will resonate in a profound way. That happened for me yesterday. I went to the blog of India Flint - Not All Who Wander Are Lost. I was so touched by her words, I asked if I could let you know about her post, and she agreed. The link is here. I’ll start you off with the first bit of her post:

“the older I become and the less time it seems likely I shall have on this beautiful earth the more I realize the importance of taking more time to be slow about the things I do
and to engage with the whirled
to take time to appreciate that string of pearls that is “the moments of now” that scatter like raindrops on a river as we wander our life journey”

This blog links me to my art group – all of you. And I appreciate our time together.
Here is your wisdom:

take a break
go shopping for more supplies
go to the beach
ride out of town on the top deck of the bus
go to the garden
play the piano
make soup
try something vibrant
browse and read
find solace in the saxophone
do photography
try Tyla Tharp’s “box approach”
persevere through the frustration and change to a time of reward
go walkabout with a camera
meet with your art group
view art on line
clean house
do a crossword puzzle
read a novel
visit an art museum

It was high time I took a studio break, and already good things are happening.


  1. Hi Leslie,

    Well, it looks like you're going to be kept busy! The leaf is lovely; looks like a piece of jewellery!

    I love Ms Flint's phrase; Not all who wander are lost. Maybe it just feels like it sometimes! Will go and take a look.

  2. I'm sorry that you think your art has run amok. . . I still love it, you know. I've been in that spot often and have taken those breaks until I just can't resist going to the studio and creating something, anything, good or bad. All the suggestions are good, except I can't play the saxaphone or anything else. I can't wait to see what happens with your art after your break. I know it will be fabulous.

  3. Great post Leslie and a timely reminder of how to get 'unstuck' - I loved India's post too and thanks for the link - I do follow her blog too but hadn't visited it for a while - it is just wonderful to know you can always connect with 'bloggyhood' I would add to your list - go play in a favorite nature spot and respond to what's there then let the elements do their work! (it's very freeing)

  4. sounds like a refreshing change is doing u good.

  5. Big thumbs up!
    And I love the new look of your blog.
    Aaah, a clean coffee pot. Nothing like a bit of cleaning to set your mind in order.

  6. Aren't we lucky to have a group of bloggers like ours. I really don't think I would be as motivated without all the support.
    I love the sound of your break....except for the cleaning....though new ideas often come to mind during cleaning operations. So glad good things are happening!

  7. What a lovely list of things to chase away the cobwebs!

  8. Thanks Leslie, great to read this post.
    We need to have that list hanging on our studio walls!
    Jo x

  9. wonderful - obviously an excellent decision - enjoy your break :)

  10. I agree with Derrick...your leaf looked at first glance like something gold from Tiffanys.
    Blogland is full of loving voices and your list easily reflects the urgings and encouragement.
    Enjoy your week break, your heatwave and all your list of things to do feel and be..."already good things are happening"

  11. When all else fails bake!
    Really enjoyed reading this. While your art is regenerating, your creativity, (as demonstrated by your post)is still cooking!
    In the end our art is the stuff of everyday life.

  12. What a lovely way to end the work week by finding your blog (I had lost track earlier this summer). I'm sitting here with candles lit, listening to soft music and trying (?) to gear up for some intense creativity these next few days. So this respite is wonderful. And I truly like the quote by Webb at the beginning of your blog!

  13. Leslie,

    First of all let me say when I need a break I come to your spacious blog to let my eyes rest..

    Second: Love all that India Flint does, I have a section of the most delicate knit here done on two plastic teaspoons a mile high in the air...

    And third, I laughed out loud about the coffee machith a spray bottle of metholated spirit and a satay stick... heh satisfying.

  14. Leslie, I'm sorry to be getting to your blog after the amok phase, but I'm glad to hear that things are looking up, or around, or behind--whatever it takes. I'm with you on how supportive and important this blogging community is.

    Your visits to my own blog always hearten me, and when I visit yours, I always find inspiration.

    I am going to be sure that I am registered as a "Follower" of your blog, so that I will get updates on my dashboard. I hope you will do the same with mine.

    Even though I drop out of blogging from time to time, I come back and dive in with a vengeance...I'm kind of on a swing shift when it comes to blogging. On again, off for a time, ON, off, off, OOOOOOOOON.

  15. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. Comments are the gems of blogging, aren't they? I love my bloggy friends!

  16. Hi Derrick – Thanks. It is always nice to see you!

    Mary – Thanks. I know I will get going again. I’ll hope for “fabulous”!

    Ms. RR – I really like that idea of going out to collaborate with nature. It looked like you were having so much fun!

    Notmassproduced – I could use refreshing indeed!

    Babs – Cleaning does set ones mind in order. I know I could find another small project if need be. But I hate to rush into anything!

    Robyn – Yes, we are lucky. Its is a great group.

    Willow – A lovely list indeed.

    Jo – That is a good idea. Perhaps I’ll print it out.

    Jeane – Thanks! I am awaiting a change!

    Mary Ann – Good things are happening. I feel more relaxed. No art of note yet however….

    Marie – All so true!

    Kelly – Candles and soft music sound like a perfect sag way into a productive weekend. Denise: Delicate knit on two teaspoons – what a treasure. India’s works are devine. And yours are fun!

    San – Well amuck is still lurking about. Your blog is a favorite and I’ll be right over! I don’t mind the individual rhythms of blogging. What ever works is best.

    Willow – Your post on blog comments certainly struck a chord!

  17. Your studio break sounds beautiful to me... I love your observations, the earth colors that you see, the red sky. And the quout from India Flint, especially the string of pearls words... And beautiful wisdom that you share... Roxanne

  18. Enjoy the break and make sure to take time to be slow with it! Thanks for the link to "not all..." and for sharing the list.


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