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Monday, July 6, 2009

Artist Date and a Book Report

Untitled by Leslie Avon Miller

Paint was flung, dripped, sprayed with alcohol, spattered, transferred and sanded. We painted flat and upright, and we collaged. The floor of the studio was covered with transfers drying on every available surface. When we were tired we looked at art books and always liked the same things. I had a great holiday weekend in the studio with an artist friend. It was all art from morning to night. What a lot of fun! I have several pieces nearing completion, and am really enthused to keep working. That’s what artist dates are all about!

I also want to let you know about a new art book that just jumped off the bookstore shelf into my hands and came home with me. It is titled Book + Art, Handcrafting Artists’ Books by talented artist, Dorothy Simpson Krause. I love artists’ books, and have several books on the subject. This one however, is rich with images, art technique and goes beyond other books I have in my library on the subject. Dorothy is a painter, collage artist and printmaker who incorporates digital mixed media into her art. She is a professor emeritus at Massachusetts College of Art, where she founded the Computer Arts Center. And she is a fantastic artist.

Under the topic of Inspiration and Perspiration Dorothy writes “Do whatever you can to give yourself the time to work. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Start looking for visual or narrative components that relate to an issue of importance to you. Think about the message you want your work to communicate and how you can communicate it simply and effectively…What makes a book interesting is the relationship between content and form, and how it functions to entice and engage.”


  1. What a wonderful artist date with your friend! I can hardly wait to see the "new work"!
    The quote in your last paragraph says it all doesn't it? Once that advice is taken, the real art begins appearing!

  2. Incredible artwork. The colors, textures, and abstract symbol here have all collided to create one amazing piece! Love it! And I also have Krause's book. It has quickly become a favorite!

  3. Hmmmm I really get the feeling I'm missing out on a lot of fun....but at least I get to see all the new work on your blog. Love the look of the piece at the top and the book sounds like I should have one too.

  4. I can clearly sense your excitement about your artist date.

  5. Pleased you have been having such good times. I love artists' books so it was great to take a look at the link. Thanks for the introduction to a new artist.

  6. Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for introducing me to Ms Krause's work. I found her website fascinating. Lots of terms/processes that I don't undrstand but fascinating!!

    Your piece is pretty good too! :0)

  7. you sound reved! it must have been heaven to be entirely immersed in your work - 36 by 36? nice :)

  8. Great minds, Leslie--I just read & reviewed Book + Art on my blog, too! Enjoyed seeing videos of your artist date with Jeane on her blog. What fun! We all need an art friend.

  9. sounds like a wonderful 'date' - and the piece posted is subtle AND rich at the same time...
    Dot Krause is one of my favorite artists - her work is stunning too. She's the current interview on Interesting conversation and she shares her upcoming artist book project on Joan of Arc called HERetic -
    the podcast is worth a listen.


  10. Thanks Leslie, always a pleasure visiting here.
    I love "artists books" too. They are beautiful visually and so tactile.
    Enticing detail...

  11. As usual a very perceptive post over all and ending with some sage advise in the last paragraph. I'm always inspired when I come to visit here.

  12. thanks Leslie - your passion is always inspiring - beautiful work too!

  13. Sounds so wonderful, all your work everywhere drying and changing... this is beautiful, all your tones and scratchy surfaces. Roxanne

  14. Leslie, I have been drooling over the Digital Atelier artists for some years and always snap to attention when they have anything new out. I was studying the book you mentioned, which I bought also, and decided it was about time I created an artist book . . .

    I also have a great desire to paint BIGGER. I just did a small painting and felt as if my hand was cramping.

    Your new paintings have that quality you mentioned and I crave: the expansive gesture.

  15. Leslie,

    Thank you for your kind words.
    I want to tell you that every day, as opening a window to breathe the fresh air of the morning, I watch your blog.
    Your work is for me a source of inspiration.

    Yours, José Brito


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