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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Her Studio Turned Red

Another yummy neutral piece for the International Collage Exchange.

Her studio turned red; the water, the work table, the towels and even her fingers. She dared not touch her tea mug for fear it too would turn red. Cool reds, warm reds, earthy reds, red reds. Reds she didn’t know she owned. Reds she mixed and said “hello” to. Were these yummy, or were these yucky? She didn’t know. She was learning to cook with a new spice. In the photograph, Mother Nature had done a spectacular job of adding reds in all tones to a vibrant but neutral winter landscape. Mother’s reds were so graceful, so eye-catching, and so satisfyingly perfect. Well, Mother had been at this longer than she. Intrigued, but spent for the evening, she was called to supper. Spaghetti red greeted her.


  1. Spaghetti red - what I'll be thinking about for the rest of the evening!

  2. I love your work, photos and ruminations about art and color - you are such an inspiration - your sensibility is so rich and sensual - the rocks... the surfaces... yes red IS a spice - thank you for this nutritious visit

    xox - eb.

  3. Wonderful collage. I love it. Can't wait to see what you do with red. I'm sure it will be dynamite. Maybe you could sprinkle it, like paprika. Or you could wiggle a noddle through it, like spaghetti.

  4. Now you have really wetted my appetite !!!

  5. Loved the way you describe your new adventure with reds.
    And a wonderful new piece,,I adore what you do with the inks!

  6. Your work is something transcendental and has a very personal writing that take us to the work of Tàpies. The gesture, the transparency, the stain color of honey are like basic elements predominant in a plastics speech, calligraphy and transcendence. It is this desire to transform the materials and capture the spiritual side of things that go beyond the world of representation, all this distinguish your work.


    José Brito

  7. Just discovered your blog and am amazed at the elegance of your words and images.
    ...and the passionate red of your artistry.

  8. Annie: Spaghetti does have its own color doesn’t it?

    eb: Thank you for stopping by. I really enjoyed looking at the snowy photos on your blog, and the peek into your creative space.

    Mary B: Paprika yes! Noodles - probably not. Well, okay, maybe….

    Ms. R. Rose: It is going to take me a while to add in this new color. Red is so very strong….

    Babs: Thank you so much! I just love creating art. I think you do as well.

    José: I’m truly humbled. The phenomenal Tápies is in a category all by himself. I am very grateful for your kind and generous feedback. Thank you.

    Melinda: Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting. On your blog I found your words about creating to be heartfelt.

  9. I'm feeling a huge dose of spice coming our way! looking forward to it!

  10. Clever composition (something minimal about it)and cleverly chosen words. Your page is always gorgeous.

  11. Jeane: It’s experimental over here!

    Dave: Thanks Dave. Minimalism is inheritably my style. I had fun with the words.

  12. I'm usually not much for neutrals, but I really LOVE this.

    Oh and spaghetti red is so yummy.

  13. Jazz: Thanks for visiting. And thank you for the nice complement. I like the dark richness of spaghetti red. More of a neutral than a bright scarlet.

  14. Beautiful! I love the gesture on this one! Your photographs are lovely as well, Nature truly is Something!


    Her studio and studios all over the planet turned GREEN

    with envy at the mountains of gorgeous stuff pouring over it.

    On my way back from th epost office, all I could think about were your collages and how I could simply drown in them for a day or a year..

  16. Seth: Thank you.

    Luisa: Yes, Nature does beauty very well.

    grrl: Gee, thank you. Thanks very much...


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