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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Found Reds

Inspiration for




and Lines


  1. Gorgeous, inspiring photographs. The jeweled reds in the midst of all of that gray and brown and black--a delectable study in contrast.

  2. I think I should keep in, being like spice, you know I love it
    I understand why you want to keep the ice collage too

  3. Such inspiring photos,,,can't wait to see where they take you!

  4. San: I am going to have to look at the background colors as well as the red. Not every painting seems to be suited to a touch of red. Thanks for visiting. I love your blog by the way.

    Janette: Red is spicy, but some people eat food a lot spicier than others! It is all good!

    Babs: I hope you don’t hold your breath! I tried a little red today in the studio, and its going to take some practice. The right red, the right supporting colors….And I won’t be back in the studio for more than a week now, unfortunately.

  5. These reds are wonderful! The smooth shiny red of the rose hips almost has a leather look ... spicy! Your other palette with the yellow ochre reminds me of Antoni Tapies...not his style but similar colors. It's all so rich...enjoy!

  6. Inspiration is what I always find here. Wonderful images!

  7. Huh-uh, Leslie, you might become addicted to red. And don't you just love the term "rose-hips". . .?

  8. Mary Ann: I thank you for mentioning Antoni Tapies. I just spent some pleasant time looking at some of his work; he has a painting that reminds me of my Mom’s slate blackboard! And of course he uses similar colors and uses them so well; edgier, bolder, more dramatic. This is inspiration for me to PUSH, if you know what I mean.

    Dave: It’s always a pleasure to have a visit from you.

    Mary: Now I have a vision of lines shaped like hips, in the color rose, in a painting! How fun!

  9. I needed a bit of red after having such a black and white day (see new posting on blog tonight!) delicious rose hips!

  10. I enjoyed your post! I can see where a bit of red would be good for the eye!

  11. Beautiful images that have captured such a soothing color palette.

  12. Leslie, beautiful beautiful images.
    Oh those rose hips...I drink the tea and use the oil from this plant.
    The red and neutrals here, make me very happy indeed!

  13. Seth: I think this is soothing too. Easier said then done in the studio, however.

    Jo: Yes, I can see that reds with neutrals is a lovely combination. The trick is to learn how....I know people drink rose hip tea. I've never tried. Do you just drop the whole rose hip in water?

  14. Lovely! These photos are wonderful inspiration...

  15. Thank you Oliag. I had so much fun on our photography adventure!

  16. Hi Leslie,

    I'm paying a long overdue visit and cathcing up on reading! I really like these red influences. Great!


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