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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Small Things of Life

Leslie Avon Miller, accordion fold booklet

The small things of life were often so much bigger 
than the great things . . . the trivial pleasures like cooking, 
one's home, little poems especially sad ones, 
solitary walks, 
funny things seen and overheard.

~Barbara Pym

Leslie Avon Miller, paper construction

Small things I like today:




Small boxes with lids

The word “evening”

Roots of trees


The smell of clean 

Leslie Avon Miller, paper construction

 In the studio I now have photography back drops of a variety of neutral colors. They are actually sheets, but they seem to do the trick, as long as I have a lint brush handy. The gray and coffee-with-cream colors seems less harsh than white or black. 

I continue to experiment with water colors, washi papers, various fibers and powdered graphite. 

Leslie Avon Miller, paper construction

If you read and posted a comment on the last post, you will want to know who won the drawing for one of these paper constructions.

Liz Davidson's name was pulled from the basket. A package is on the way to her as we speak.Thank you all for your comments. 

A note about the quote which begins this post. I was not familiar with Barbara Pym, but now that I have read more about her works, I look forward to reading them. You can read more about her books here at a blog called A Fondness for Reading. 

What small pleasing things are on your list?


  1. I love small things, and I also enjoy making notes and lists about the things that appeal to me at any given time. It's my way of remembering to be aware and grateful.

  2. Seeing your new post in my sidebar always makes me smile. Beautiful new work and I do like the new backdrop to your paper constructions. Small things I like today.... newly sharpened pencils, the fresh smell of a misty dawn, a pile of new books, the word nemophilist, red Maple leaves, handmade envelopes arriving in the mail.... and your new blog post.

  3. Great list Robyn! I had to look up nemophilist! I wonder if there is a word for someone who loves little lists of words?

  4. Lambs in the pasture
    New library books
    Drip Coffee
    Windows open to the warm spring air

    1. Your list makes me smile Ruth! And those things go so well together.

  5. a sewing needle filled with strong smooth thread
    hummingbirds at my feeder
    wisteria blooms
    clear blue sky
    and reading your post....
    thank you!

    1. Hi M: these lists! they make me feel good as I imagine each item one by one. Thank you!

  6. your accordion book is wonderful. my hands want to make small books right now too.

    Ah I was thrilled to read the quote from Barbara Pym. Through out my life I have had sort of "crushes" on different writers, esp writers less known. I read one of their works then all that I can find. I discovered Pym some years ago and read with delight many of her books. In fact I think I had her autobiography at one point. Enjoy your discovery.

    1. Hi Suki: I get "a crush" on artists and writers too! Ms. Pym is a great discovery. I wonder who else is out there to be discovered?

  7. LAM - lucky Liz - congrats. I can only admire folk who can collect and share inspirational quotes - including yourself - thank you. The small works are beautiful. Fiona often says the small works draw you in and you can see the detail; and they also add a touch of intimacy - you just want to hold and engage with them. Go well. B

  8. Yes to the background color...more to your palette!
    Words that pull me today, morning, birdbath, coffee and small waves of memories.

  9. I particularly like the lightness of your works. The booklet and the paper construction are beautiful and have .. maybe I'll find the right word ... elegant restraint or elegant clearness. .. really ,really good.
    and i like your thoughts of small things.

  10. Your paper construction works are just beautiful:) Thank you for the quote.
    Freshly brewed coffee, early morning light, a raindrop on a new green leaf:)

  11. A lovely list Leslie, and delightful constructions and book. Gentle exploration, wanders down that path, looking here, feeling there seem to be working as new 'you' works appear. Go well.

  12. Dear Leslie,
    So glad to be back in touch!
    Hope all is well with you?
    Yes your neutral background is much less harsh than the usual black or white.
    Barbara Pym is one of my favorite mid 20th century English women writers. I had an unmarried godmother whose life was exactly like a Barbara Pym novel!

    Haiku are such fun both to read and to write!
    All best wishes from me and Buster.

  13. these are like a collage... only light and airy.. floating textures and shapes and lines. and your words and list are so zen... savor the small things around you.

  14. Leslie -- It's been a long time since I've caught up with my blogging friends -- my apologies! I loved this post because it soothed my right brain and shoved the left side to the back for awhile! Small things: favorite coffee mug, raku bowl, pure white azalea blossom, those little pale pink helicopter pods that are swirling all over the garden! Many thank once again, Leslie!

  15. Leslie, small practical things are my favorite. oh and a simple espresso with conversation early in the morning. it sets the day off right.

  16. Oh do I love that accordion fold book. You are one extraordinary mark maker!

  17. I am so glad I found your blog. It's such a treasure both visually and emotionally. Your accordion book is a treasure to look at.

  18. Your art is beautiful sensitive and loaded with skill.
    I feel to create is to live an authentic life.

  19. the new backdrops really bring your paper constructions alive! i see so much more vibrance and life in them now.

    oh, the little things! the feel of kneading bread dough, cuddles, the smell of rain, burn marks on translucent paper, anticipation, a glass of warm milk.


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