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Monday, March 26, 2012

Art Coming to Your Mail Box

Standing near my door,
watching the rain as it falls
into my teacup
counting the tiny splashes
waiting shamelessly for mail.

~Michael Boiano

Today I was in a nearby Victorian Seaport. 

I think the post office has been there from the beginning of time. 

It’s a fabulous building, filled with row after row 

of vintage post office boxes, 

still in daily use.

I love these boxes, which are a type of art. 

Eagle, initials, circles, numbers, patina of age. 

What’s not to love?

In my last post I offered a give away. Tonight Kurt kindly drew three names. And the winners are 

Hehjude, Babs, and Zendotstudio!

So please go to my blogger profile where you can get my email address, 

and send me an email with your snail mail address.

Soon you will have an envelope and tag in your mail box.

Letters are like wine; 

if they are sound they ripen with keeping. 

A man should lay down letters 

as he does a cellar of wine.   

~Samuel Butler


  1. i like the notion of laying down letters...putting the words to rest
    so they can arise refreshed
    to greet a new day, or year, or century

  2. Me? Really.
    Wow,,,I'm very excited.
    Thank you, Leslie ,,I'll be haunting MY post office box!

  3. Congratulations to the winners! Love these vintage boxes . . lucky you . . haven't seen these since my youth.

  4. I love snail mail....I now get it from my grandkid! What joy.

  5. The sound of mail coming through our mail slot each afternoon excites me and the cat.

  6. LAM - very cool mail boxes and great you noticed them, photographed and shared the images. Thanks. B

  7. Congrats to to winners...and a stunning set of mail boxes!

  8. I love vintage mail boxes... I have brought home a few individual old mail boxes.. small rusty ones that hang on the wall and I think one like the ones featured here... well the door of one... and love your tags of course.

  9. Waiting shamelessly for mail ... just as I am waiting for my Pulse to arrive :-)
    Congrats to the winners!

  10. what's better? taking a key or combination and slowly opening one of these mailboxes, OR "waiting shamelessly" for the mail carrier to bring it .? love that phrase, those boxes, friendly mail. this post. and that there were WINNERS!! cheers...

  11. Congratulations to the lucky! Love your post ...I remember a field trip when I was 8 to the post office and we went behind the boxes...what a thrill!

  12. your beautiful tags have inspired me to make a few tags. but just you know japanese or chinese calligraphy?

  13. oh how I love that first poem....made me silly glad:)
    and mail,
    mail is just the most delicious!

  14. Love your celebrations of subtle colors!
    So thrilling to find you in Seth's book.
    Buster sends spring greetings.

  15. Wonderful photos of those mail boxes. Just love the soul of beauty in what's aged! And mail boxes from long ago are such a treasure to see!


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