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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Old Papers, Insects with Wings, and Stencils.

Collectors are happy people ~ Johann Goethe

Old papers, insects with wings, and stencils.

What is a collector? It’s an innate trait. We start as children, collecting leaves, or stamps or stones and, as we get older, teens collect friends, CDs and, as an adult it can be anything. ~Edgar Paulik

Vintage photography paraphernalia.

Post office stamps, beyond their original usefulness.

Collecting seems to bring out that primitive instinct for the hunt in some of its devotees, who stalk their prey with skill. ~Alicia Faxon

Did I mention leaves with spots and dots?

Bulldog clips and every kind of vintage office item.

I have yet to meet a collector who feels bad about his collection. Collection is also about the story – the story behind how someone found it and purchased it. ~Edgar Paulik

Of course, keys.

More, I have so much more…to be continued from time to time.

What do you collect?

I have a new coaching web site here. The small collage above is by Leslie Avon Miller. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I always wait with baited breath for you to do a new post, Leslie! I love this latest one and once again, it's absolutely inspiring!

  2. Hi Debrina: Thanks for stopping by! I never could use my "collections" in art, but I'm finding I can compose and photograph them.

  3. These so inspire me, and are works of art in themselves. What do I collect:stones, shells, leaves, seedheads, birds' nests (after the birds have flown); lace, textiles - and boxes to store everything in!

  4. Thanks for this peep at some of the things you collect, you have arranged them into the most charming collages.
    It is good to see you posting again, I have been eagerly waiting for this.

  5. Hi Leslie,
    I like those little still lifes you've created!
    I collect all kinds of art materials and beautiful papers- some I've never used. And I grew up in a collector's home (my mother's) so it is kind of in my blood but I try to refrain because taking care of all the collected stuff can take a lot of time. None the less I collect beautiful tea cups and mugs. I love flea markets finds and when on the beach I collect stones's and shells and so on...


  6. Now I know where to send all my vintage bulldog clips - in the family for over 50 years..

    Glad you have found a way to "play" with your collection.

  7. Yes, collectors are indeed happy people! This post makes me feel very content. No.3 with spotty leaves is such a beautiful image and it goes without saying that your collage warms my heart.

  8. Beautiful photos! I collect owls, see my latest post on my blog.

  9. your new blog design is gorgeous Leslie..really crisp and summer linen...I love it!
    interesting post...I often collect things for my art but then have a hard time giving them up..then i realize i don't have to use them in my pieces.. I can just enjoy them!

  10. A wonderful post, indeed. A very universal subject, and I think you are right, we collect. You say, and what do you collect? I find I collect different things at different times. Sometimes, it is rocks, sometimes other things. It seems to be where I am, and what I am thinking about at the time. As my interest changes I am looking for different things. I am looking for something that expands what I am thinking about.

  11. thought-provoking post. I really like yr new Web sit and the blog is looking good too.

    most painful for me when moving 6 yrs ago was dismantling and discarding in some instances, my collections. I wonder, if I ever get settled again, if i will begin again? Of course am always picking up leaves, feathers, stones etc.

    thank you, Leslie. Namaste, Suki

  12. ps FYI I cant access Nancy's interview as it is only for those invited

  13. Wonderful photos.

    I feel validated now with my little collections of things. Each fall, there are piles of collected leaves in my house.

    I also collect small works of my favorite artists. Then there are buttons, books, fabrics, rhinestone jewelry (that I never wear), chairs, stubby pencils. Oh gosh. I never realized that I collected most of things things.

    Oh, and McCoy pottery, bowls, sugar shakers, beads, my daughter's old clothes . . .

  14. Wonderful the fotos of the collected items...I don´t really collect anything...the only thing I have lots of are books and of course, art supplies:) I live very minimalistically and find collections of "things" to always ending up looking like i just don´t collect things:)

  15. I don't collect in the sense of multiples of any one thing...I seem to harbor stuff...potential, scraps and pieces leftover. Mostly from my everyday life as some things to throw away and some things for the studio.
    Love your post and so good to see your work. Visited your website...great...on spot!

  16. Love the small collage at the top. And what a great header with Miller Paint!
    Sometimes I collect stones, mostly on hollidays. Years ago I collected driftwood (but it became too heavy!), today it's only small papers!

  17. L - good to know where you have be3en and that the transition into the studio was helped by walking and collecting - I always feel that collecting is like bringing home part of the journey. Go well. B

  18. I like your documentation of your collections. I am not much of a collector myself but during certain moods I tend to collect anything with texture that I will use as inspiration for a painting. Then, it is discarded. ie: rocks, paper, plants

  19. window sills, temporary staging areas for items under consideration!! lots of little treasures, waiting for the next move...

  20. love the perspective of the driving force color makes in your painting.

    collecting is the hunt, or the fascination of wandering upon something unsolicited and seemingly yours... there it sits, waiting an awe inspired attention.

    i love finding things but i rarely am satisfied with "objects"

    i like more the weavings of relationships, the unfolding of self to self.

  21. Yes, we collectors start off happy in the hunt and search, then we are happy with the find, and happy to bring it home, and then we are happy with adding it to its place in our studio or art work.

  22. Wonderful post Leslie.
    It's absolutely inspiring!
    Best, Ralf

  23. Great stuff, Leslie!! I love what you've done with your blog. It looks amazing and your Miller Paint header is fabulous!

  24. Its fun thinking about collections and what kind of things different people collect. I grew up in a house where my literature professor parents collected knowledge--and learning to collect objects has been a lifelong process--something that I simultaneously question and love at the same time. My favorite thing to collect: Japanese tea cups. Thanks for sharing your favorite things.

  25. très beau!
    je collectionne ..les clous,vis,fermetures de toutes sortes,cailloux,plumes,nids et mains naturellement...
    courage pour la traduction!
    un petit salut de la suisse!

  26. Hi Leslie I love your site:) Thank you for your contributions. I too am a happy collector! mostly things from nature and beachcombing that I incorporate into my sculptures and artwork. Your photos are inspiring

  27. Hi Leslie,
    Don't have the space for collecting nowadays but when I did, I tended towards the colourful and shiny!

  28. Your collage is beautiful & I love the collections photos. The vintage has acquired character and something else I can't quite verbalize. I collect (hoard?) lots of old things, among them yardsticks, clip boards, and hand painted plates.
    Great post!

  29. fantastic post!! i have a penchant for insects with wings too, and have an ever growing collection... and old papers... and so many other things too.

    such a lovely and inspirational post!

  30. leslie ..such a wonder filled post ..each number thrilled me even more...i always love my visits here!!

  31. I grew up in a collectors home too, so I have been the keeper of many of her collections for some time now. I have decided to "Document" them as I can.

    I found myself mixing in the things I bring home from nature walks. So I suppose we are now collaborating.

    I have only a few things I collect myself (besides the nature finds) because I have so much.

    But I have three brass plumb bobs. Two of them are perfect, the third may be replaced one day. In my book, three is a collection. And I like small wooden boxes and the vintage office things.

    I will continue setting up the "things" I have and enjoy the documentation. Collections are always mixing with one another as they are passed on.

    Thanks for visiting and joining the conversation!

  32. I love working with stencils - especially like number 4 - the autumn colours are lovely

  33. This post about collections touches me... I love to collect, especially odd pieces of metal or treasures from nature. I love to put them together... soon I will need more shelves to house them. roxanne

  34. Just found your blog, and LOVE it soooooo much, everything about it...the blog itself, your art work and images, your writings..all so beautiful...I definitely collect experiences, moment...and this visit to your blog is added now to my collection...(:

  35. Oh I love the leaves with spots and dots Leslie...
    gorgeous post!

  36. I collect every thing. What a wonderful idea to photograph your collection as works of art!I'm inspired to try it with all of my stuff before it's given away. Love your images and look forward to more.

  37. great post! I love all your photos and all things of your collection.
    I collect many, many things: stones and fossils, old paper, vintage cards, old rusty items, funny little things, driftwood... and so on and so on...
    thank you for sharing, have a good time!

  38. What great quotes. But even better...what great shots. Love your collections and your style!!

  39. all of this is why pockets are SO important in a garment


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