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Saturday, June 12, 2010

What's Your Art Fantasy?

So what's your art fantasy? I'll tell you mine. It's to have a fabulous art gallery. My gallery-in-my-mind is full of great innovative art of all kinds including paintings, mixed media, textiles, sculpture, contemporary basketry and more.

I can see it now - a spacious and well lit space with lofty ceilings.
The cohesiveness comes from the quality of the work and the vision. And like all good fantasies, my gallery is about the joy - no problems!

Androgyny by Denise Marts

Ultimately, there is only one meaningful question
concerning the nature of the self and human consciousness
and that question is, "Who am I?"

Sincere self-inquiry is the philosophical pursuit
and an artist that pursues his or her art deeply enough
becomes a philosopher by default."

~ Denise Marts

Venus Sketch by Denise Marts

I'm beginning today with an intermittent series of posts featuring figurative art. A virtual gallery of sorts. I think these artists are phenomenal.

Their work pulls me in to consider their unique visions. And they can be in my fantasy gallery any day.

Blue Nude 2.1 by Denise Marts

What immediately grabs your eye when you walk into an art venue?

Angelica with two old Tanzanian African sculptures by Denise Marts

I love nonobjective, funky or elegant abstract art. It speaks to me and calls my name. My eyes soak it all in - colors, shapes, textures and line. Oh the thrill, the satisfaction of seeing great art!

Three Dancers, from the Stone Sculpture series by Denise Marts

Here for today's opening are two talented and visionary artists, Denise Marts and Linda (who's last name I don't know.)

Please be my guest and help yourself to a glass of wine, have a chocolate and while you listen to the live music playing in the background, mingle with fellow art lovers and feast your eyes.

Family Portraits by Linda. Linda's blog is called entre les mots et l'image or between words and image.

There's something new to see around each corner. Enjoy!

by Linda

I love playing with glue and paper - touch - feel -
discover textures with the tips of my fingers -
I like to have paint stains on my hands and my clothes -
I like the mess on my desk -
I also play with pixels - scan my collages - mix them together
- overlay - observe - the fragment -
I see emergence of other forms - other colors -
I like the mixture of me and chance.


Please be sure and sign the guest book, and share your art fantasy. I'm glad you're here. Would you care for another chocolate?


  1. The first collage on this post is one of my recent ones, and includes some of the papers I have been rusting.

  2. Hi Leslie, I visited your gallery today and certainly enjoyed the current works by Linda and Denise, both very talented artists.
    Your gallery is similar to my own fantasy gallery, though in mine the art gets a red sticker by the end of the opening and the artists go to bed singing.
    I'd also have some contemporary quilts in my gallery and maybe a room dedicated to emerging artists.
    Thanks for inviting me to your gallery. It was so nice to talk with you today.

  3. fabulous post Leslie! I love Linda's work! and I hope you would consider my abstract work for your gallery!!

  4. mmm!

    my mouth is full of melted chocolate so excuse me while it is swished down with


    oops, the strawberry hit my nose..

    so nice to stroll here in immaculate light and space..

    in my jammies.

    My art fantasy is where Don and I own a white warehouse conversion. Art areas spill all over it, with lounge and kitchen higgeldy piggeldy amongst more art making.

    Friends come by and know there is no linear division between art and life here..

    a happy puppy pile of everything.

  5. this is such a fun post Leslie. Unfortunately I didnt have anything posh to wear so I'm here in my jeans and a ragged sweatshirt. LOL. I'm having a great time though viewing the art, meeting people, and drinking champagne. Thanks!

  6. It's so nice to see you all! I'll pour more champagne.

    I feel so fortunate to know so many interesting artists! Shall we sit and talk about your fantasy?

    Maybe we could have a gallery walk some time - you know, go from blog to blog, sipping, seeing great art and ending up at grr's happy puppy pile of everything!

  7. I'm familiar with Linda's blog and love her work...Denise is new to me and I'm enthralled...having a hard time moving on...keep returning to her Blue Nude and Venus Sketch! Champagne you say...oh, please don't let me get started! A moveable blog would be sensational...thank you for these introductions!

  8. Wonderful choices for your 'gallery'.

    Perhaps your virtual gallery will evolve into a physical gallery.

  9. My fantasy gallery includes working artists studios open to the public including of course one for myself and a big workshop area.

  10. Thanks for inviting me to the opening Leslie--and I'm so happy to join in, Diet Coke in hand, sporting my daughter's worn denim capris! I do like the idea of a virtual gallery hop and you gave both of these artists a wonderful setting for their work.

    In my gallery? Hmmm...I think it would be in a completely "green" setting in all senses of the word,
    sustainably built, surrounded by a garden with native plants designed by a Central Valley landscape artist. Inside, the cool creamy white walls would hold the most intriguing collection of art by local artists/friends bc I've been thinking a lot about how we can create a venue for all the good work that is being done here in our area. Thanks for getting me started!

  11. Ah, Leslie, such a creative post. I'm always happy to come to an opening in a gallery and see such fabulous art. I love the abstracted figure and Denise does it so well in sculpture. I think you would do well with your gallery. Keep dreaming and posting.

    My art fantasy is a whole estate where artists come to work together in spacious studios, where the sun shines, and there are lovely open doors to walk from inside to outside with grace. I see galleries, dances, theater, music, poetry readings, and gardens. When there are events satisfied customers take home with them bits of happiness from the art colony. Seems to be a win win for all! Gosh, sigh....

  12. As always I find new, exciting artists when I visit you. You definitely should have a gallery!! I love these very non conventional treatments of the human form. Very much to my taste. I will go off and explore their sites.

    I haven't quite dared to dream so large, but you remind me that this is a good idea for a quiet afternoon or evening.

  13. Leslie--I love the reviews that you show us of other people's art. After reading your review of Line Juhl's work, I got on her website and ordered a print from her. Thank you very much. I still have to get it framed but I love it.

  14. Hi Leslie,

    thank you for organizing this event. It's only 8 am while I'm writing this, so I just had a cup of strong coffee. It's sunday morning and I'm waiting for my husband and children to wake up. Very nice to begin the day with the beautiful art you chose to gather for us.

  15. The first gallery to allow visitors in, in their jammies. I will be better prepared next time and buy myself a nicer pair for company. Wonderful work in your gallery Leslie! Your new rust series is going to be spectacular. I love this one! ...and especially the addition of found writing.
    Sending wishes that your dream gallery manifests .... soon.

  16. Hello Leslie, I am not too ambitious regarding my art fantasy... to have some work accepted into your fantasy gallery would be just fine.
    I like your new collage and I am interested to see your 'rusted' papers, I must try that.
    The work by other artists that you have shown is inspirational as always and I am particularly keen on Linda's work. I have been a follower of her for some time and I am amazed at her imagination.
    Don't forget to send me an invitation to the launch of your 'fantasy' gallery.

  17. j'aime tous ces oeuvres exposées..

  18. How great to visit a gallery that never closes......

  19. thankyou so much for the invitation! chocolates always worth having not to mention champagne!
    my idea of the perfect gallery would be great abstract work (some my own!) a treat to the senses. but the best fantasy for art is an empty page with lots of ideas.

  20. Hi Leslie,

    All the champagne and chocs one could want and no side effects! You have great ideas and a generous spirit to feature other artists. Your virtual gallery can always show the best of everything and we can linger as long as we wish!

  21. Great concept! I always love the work you select for your gallery and the warm glow of such a gathering as you describe. I'd like another chocolate please.

  22. What a joy to view this post! It has been a feast for my eyes and very inspiring. Clearly, I'm going to have to spend a little more time thinking about my art fantasy, but your curated show here has definitely whetted my appetite!

  23. denise marts stone sculptures are AMAZING!
    as per your fantasy, i find it interesting that so many artists (me included ~ sometimes) want to be gallery owners. is it because its so frustrating being in galleries and we know what we would do differently?
    having been in galleries that are owned by artists there are pluses and minuses. if they are 'working artists' seems like it sometimes interferes with their ability to put their represented artists first. to work as hard to get them noticed etc. yet those who aren't artists sometimes are 'cold'. i haven't decided which is best yet.

  24. well, i love a good fantasy, but IN THIS CASE, i'd take see these pieces and other choices of yours would be amazing...with or without champagne! this diane marts, soooo prolific! and of course, the stone sculpture! gaga, dada...ooola!

  25. Thanks for the thought provoking post and Sunday gallery! At the recent SF Fine art fair I had a small epiphany: I could be an art dealer, I was marching around promoting my friends more then myself and loved it. Aside from that I aspire to do huge, huge paintings (the flip side of my 8x10 photo background!)

  26. What a wonderful gallery! I love the arts you are showing today.Thank you for sharing your dream with us!

  27. I like the ambiance in an art gallery. It's good to be with other people who appreciate self expression. You could always make your virtual gallery real, by asking us to contribute a work to hang there for a week, for example?
    Blessings, Star

  28. I'm inspired by the art in your gallery; thanks for sharing with us.
    I also like how Linda put it: "the mixture of me and chance"- that's great!

    My fantasy is to be a full-time artist. That would be like heaven! May I have some of that champagne now, please?

  29. Yours were my faves, but I also enjoyed the Marts works. I would love to have a well lit and spacious studio...outfitted with loads of supplies, of course.

  30. What a great the visit art blogs tour idea. Not only will we have fun and see more art it will encourage more dialogue and help connect with artists you need to know and follow. You are a true visionary. I co-ordinated an open artists studio for 11 years and was a founding director so I highly encourage Soewnearth to read our site and start one. If you read the history under "About Us" you will see we started with only 20 artists and now are 350 artists strong and an event looked forward to by our city every year.

  31. Thanks for introducing us to these great artists and for all that you do.

    You might want to check out Jylian Gustlin. I really like her figurative and abstract work.

  32. Your new collage is wonderful...rusted papers...I want to know more about that.

    I adore your picks and own a gallery. I did that for years and it was so incredibly jazzed to hang work on the white walls and have huge openings...I think some of my emerging artists definitely wore their jammies...always so much fun.

    Thanks Leslie, for providing such delightful refreshment ;-)

  33. I loved going through your fantasy gallery-- very inspiring and such creative artists featured-- more please...

  34. thanks for the invitation to the 'gallery'! perhaps a virtual one is preferable to some of us, anyway -- I'd never get out and go somewhere at 5:00 after a long day -- so this is great. I like the idea of picking a vein to mine -- figurative art -- hope you'll do it again.

  35. Lovely gallery! Thanks for the tour:)

  36. Coffee, jammies, and this wonderful gallery to explore. What more could one want!
    I'm loving these artists you've presented; always love funky. Thanks Leslie!

  37. Hi Leslie,
    Thank you for the wonderful comment on my little collage.
    you are a lovely lady and a truly inspiring artist...Love the rust work you are doing...xx..julia

  38. Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable art opening, Leslie. The work of Denise and Linda touched my soul and the chocolate did too.

    My fantasy: for that "no problems" aspect to kick in at my own gallery. :D

  39. big open space, natural light, old brick walls and wide oak planks, lots of ferns and banana plants scattered about, music playing and french doors that open onto a flagstone terrace and gardens...did I mention the flowing wine -- and the chocolate, of course! :-)
    Wonderful post, Leslie!

  40. What a treat! Thanks for opening this most impressive gallery. I am in love with Linda's work, very impressive & inspiring.

  41. Just stumbled onto your blog - and a gallery opening! Love both. thanks. x

  42. What a fabulous array of art. My gallery would have panoramic windows overlooking the sea, with a huge studio attached. It would probably be empty most of the time as I would spend so much time looking at the ocean and beach combing the sands searching for flotsam and jetsam.

  43. Thank you so much for this fantastic virtual gallery tour. Oh, and also for the wine and chocolate.

  44. A wonderful gallery tour and introduction to some fabulous work! I enjoyed very much, my first visit to your blog! I'll be back to visit often!

  45. Visiting your blog is like visiting a gallery. There is always so much inspiration to be found!

  46. Hello Leslie !
    So wonderful collages !
    And an very interesting blog !
    I`m so happy to have met you here , you are an inspirator !!!

    Have a creative weekend !

    Best from Liv :-)

  47. Fabulous figurative happening in your space Leslie :) I am particularly drawn to Denise Marts works - I love the Blue Nude.
    my fantasy is pretty much unfolding as I live my artist life. I feel very blessed that way!

  48. I loved this site, and want to spend more time here!
    I was thinking and have been thinking of something posted at Layers, something about it's not what you say , or what you do, but how you make people feel(I'm sure that's not exactly it.) But I love seeing the work you posted and it made me feel great! And I am always amazed that you give someone some papers and just look what they can do! Thank you!

    I will meet you in the mountains, I will join you by the sea, and we will walk together in the desert. I will come again.

  49. What draws me in...color. I love linda's work. The combination of the red and the green/blue. I am going to pop over and check out her site.

    I am living my fantasy. Hutch Studio is becoming my vision. Chris our curator has amazing sculptures.
    Thank-you for leaving a extremely nice comment.

  50. Fabulous pieces by Denise Marts and your piece at the top of this post is very beautiful.


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