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Monday, May 3, 2010

Let’s Visit a Studio in Denmark!

I feel like it’s time for another studio visit. The “build your own studio” project here is moving forward – lots and lots of sanding going on. I understand when that is done, the primer can be sprayed. Then I think there will be something to show you. For now, it’s just a lot of dust.

I want to share with you the studio of Danish artist and architect Line Juhl Hansen. Line’s work appeals to me because of her strong use of shapes, her use of line and the space she creates in her work.

Line shares her studio space with another artist, graphic designer Sidsel Gaustadnes. With Line’s permission I am reprinting parts of an article from Boligliv magazine, only in English.

“In the heart of Aarhus, a short distance from the harbour and the heavily-trafficked approach roads, a small oasis of charm and character lies hidden. Surrounded by old mews and apartment blocks are old industrial buildings and workshops… this place is called “Kærlighedsstien”, and for a couple of hundred metres it is reminiscent of a calm breath of air in the middle of the city traffic. In No. 7, the artist and architect Line Juhl Hansen and graphic designer Sidsel Gaustadnes have their base in one of the old workshops – Line with her paintings and Sidsel with her graphic design company, Spagat.”

“Line has worked as an established painter for a number of years and is represented in some of the country’s leading galleries. With her delicate sense for graphic design, Sidsel has created graphic identities for companies for several years. When art meets design a really special vibe emerges, a vibe the two women invoke in both individual and shared projects.”

Line’s blog is in English.

I have been following her work for a while now. Line tells me she has a book of her work that will be available soon.

Line also has work on Etsy and she holds workshops in her lovely studio.

Looks like fun! Thanks Line, for being part of this series on Artist Studio Visits. More of the article, in English, is available here at Décor 8 blog.

For more about what I have been doing go here.


  1. And now a note from my Mom:

    "Dear Readers:

    Please excuse Leslie's absence from the blogging community. She hasn't been responding to comments or visiting blogs. She has been having a significant reaction to the spring tree pollen, and hasn't been feeling well. I know she will work diligently to get caught up.

    Leslie's Mom."

    Well, my Mom has been gone from the planet for some time now, but I know she would have written me a note! Sorry I've not been very involved. I'm feeling better and will be around to see all the wonderful blogs out there as I am able. Thanks for understanding.

  2. a dreamy studio you've taken us to...always such fun to see where others create their beauty for the world...
    and isn't that sweet of your mom to keep us up to date!

  3. to see how other artists make things....what inspiring work. thanks mum!

  4. I'd drool over this studio and work but it's not very appealing in a dog, let alone a human! What a fabulous treat. I am off to explore Line's work right now. How do you find these things???

  5. Well, you have been hit hard...all excuses are accepted...mainly take care...we here in blogland can wait for your full recovery.
    Meanwhile, thank you for this beautiful studio tour and your own studio update!!

  6. Thank you for taking us on this trip to a wonderful studio, it looks enchanting, I am off to visit Line's blog immediately.
    I am glad to hear that you are feeling better, this kind of reaction must be rotten.

  7. Thanks for this wonderful trip. I have a studio just like this in my dreams.

    (hey, no note needed...hope you're feeling fit as a fiddle soon!)

  8. Beautiful studio and beautiful work. I enjoyed seeing the fresh color palette and playful graphics. Glad you are feeling better.

  9. Thanks for this studio visit. I'm off to do some exploring.

    Sorry to hear that the weather has you feeling under the weather. Hope that pollen moves along very soon.

  10. Hi Leslie,

    Line's small pieces in the window display look very interesting.

    Do hope you'll be back to full strength soon.

  11. Don't worry about returning comments :) Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Had to say thanks for those links. I LOVE her etsy shop.

  12. Such a lovely, light-filled space! I love seeing other artists' studios; thanks for sharing this!

  13. love the note from your mom: we must continue to speak for our mothers, especially to ourselves!
    after the lilac photo shoot the other day, my eyes were not happy with me either.
    glad you're feeling better, i'm likin' Lines studio, will take more of her work in. i NEEDED a trip. thanks. neva

  14. Hi Donna Iona - it is a dreamy studio indeed. Cheerful too.

    Imbi - It's fun to travel to other people's studios isn't it. Mum says hi to you too!

    ZDot - When you asked how I found line's work I had to stop and think. I realized I have no clue! Clicking away I guess.

    Mary Ann - Thanks for the understanding. Glad you enjoyed the tour!

    Ian - I think you will enjoy exploring her work - it has space to it, something we minimalists like!

    Hi Willow - A dream studio is so perfect!

    Terry - It is a fresh color palette, and fun too. Pink is so pink!

    Kim - Enjoy your explorations!

    Hi Derrick - Good to see you! Thanks for stopping by!

    Shayla - I'm glad you enjoyed the links. It is fun to explore art work.

    Sharmon - You are welcome!

    Neva - I still have conversations with my Mom and Grandmom. They remain in my life in so many ways.

  15. what an inspiration you are Leslie after reading your email to me here I am! This studio is like a breath of fresh air and the work oh yes! thank you for the trip!

  16. I really like Line's work. It has a really uplifting/refreshing quality. Her studio has such an airy and welcomeing feeling. And her simply artsy.
    Great post. Nice to have you back.

  17. I love her work and it is nice to see where she creates it!

  18. Hi Leslie,
    I enjoyed catching up with you. Hope you survive allergy season. You may consider getting a neti pot. It works wonders for me.

    Love the Danish studio!

  19. Leslie, thank you for featuring this exciting artist-- I also follow her blog--it looks like a very creative space and her artwork is fabulous.

  20. I have 'a thing' for anything danish. (My great grandparents immigrated from Denmark) So, YES I love your space and your work! Thanks for sharing it. Jamie

  21. Line's work is light and refreshing ..... and for that matter, so is her studio.
    Glad mum is keeping an eye on you and hoping the pollen blows right out of your immediate space no matter where you are.

  22. Leslie, thanks for posting that lovely "excuse" from your mother. She's making her presence known, since we're heading into Mother's Day, no?

    The word that entered my mind as I was looking at Line's work is "sweet." For her, life is sweet, and that sensibility pervades her art. Thank you for sharing this peek at her art and her studio.

  23. Smiling at your Mom's note.
    but not at the reason for it.
    Be sure to stay out of the dust too,,,,that can be so dangerous to the lungs, especially when already weakened.
    SO enjoyed this studio tour, and this great artist's work, thank you. (and feel better soon)

  24. Thank you for introducing me to Line's work and her very lovely studio. I haven't been to Denmark for quite a while (an understatement!), so this was a delightful sojourn!
    I do hope your allergies are lifting:)

  25. I love the work in these photos, will go visit the link.

    best wishes,
    hope your allergies are feeling better:)



  28. I'm so pleased to least have a peek on her studio. Her works look interesting.
    -web design Los Angeles

  29. Thank you for inspirational reading! Creative space is very important


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