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Friday, March 12, 2010

Studio Construction Update

Dispatch VI, mixed media collage, by Leslie Avon Miller

The work on the studio facility continues. It is so very exciting to see the progress. It echoes in the space now. I guess walls and a ceiling will do that! We were just talking today about how to finish the floors. Someone suggested a good material if I didn’t get too much water on the floor…I work in water media and boy, do I ever get water on the floor….back to the drawing board.

On the art front, my collages for the International Collage exchange have arrived in New Zealand. As I write this 94 artists are taking part. If you would like to see all of my collage for the exchange, you can find them at this link. When the work from all of the participating artists is posted, I’ll provide a link. It is a great online exhibition reflecting the state of collage art today.

Earlier this week I held a creativity teleclass. We discussed that being compelled to create is just the opposite of a creative block. We talked about the passion for creating our work, which can make the world disappear. In support of our creative passion we identified some means of dispelling our inner critical voice.

Passion pulls us towards something we can not resist. What is pulling you forward?

Because of the creativity call I am getting to know even more artists, some of whom are joining the creative coaching group, Re-Fresh Your Creative Practice currently forming. Some deeply committed and powerful artists are taking part in the group which begins March 23rd.

If you want to join us, or want to know more about the group agenda, send me an email to coach leslie @ (remove the spaces).

Wishing all of us a creative weekend!


  1. Wow - can't wait to see the progress on your studio. It looks amazing, especially with so much light from all sides. You must be anxious to have it finished.

  2. The studio is going to be great, Leslie and I'm looking forward to seeing the collages all together. 94 artists! A wide variety of collages I'd bet. Thought of you on the 9th while we gathered and spoke of art and travel. A fine time.

  3. How exciting it must be to create your very own space!!

    It looks like a dream come true - and skylights!! Ohhh...

    And yes - one can be creative even under "duress". Whenever I start making excuses, I think about painters back in the Middle Ages with no central heat, candlelight - and no art supplies unless they made them ... and I get to work.

  4. wow, what a fantastic space.....I'm utterly green with studio envy.

  5. Estimada Leslie,
    Simplesmente fantástico este seu último trabalho.
    como que num gesto de mágica você controi a sua pintura em torno das possibilidades expressivas da matéria. as texturas permitem projectar as formas e os gestos que as manipulam refelectindo-se na superficie pictórica como uma identidade.
    como sempre a sua pintura vai crescendo........parabéns!
    vejo a seu atelier nos retoques finais.
    Parabéns ao arquitecto (marido) pelo seu gesto solidário para com a artista.
    Entretanto o meu inglês vai muito lentamente....
    Desejo as maiores felicidades.

  6. Dear Leslie,
    Simply amazing this your last job.
    that as a gesture of magic you Constructs his paintings around the expressive possibilities of the matter. textures allow design forms and gestures that manipulate refelectindo on the pictorial surface as an identity.
    as always your paint is growing ........ congratulations!
    I see in his studio finishing touches.
    Congratulations to the architect (husband) for their gesture of solidarity with the artist.
    However my English is very slow ....
    I wish all the best.

  7. I love your is captivating! I like what you have to say..Passion pulls us forward is how I interpret it...
    long live passion!!
    Jeanne :)

  8. The studio is really coming together. How exciting! I really like this piece and all your international collage exchange pieces. Can't wait to see all the pieces together.

  9. this work of art leaves me breathless...truly perfection!

    glad to see your studio is coming along..going to visit the link for your other exhibition pieces.

  10. Oh, the studio is looking good...great to have a skylight...I have a sun tunnel and it makes a huge difference.Flooring is so's about art making not cleaning!ha
    I will follow the link! This collage is a beauty...I'm loving the lines.

  11. Hi Bonnie - I'm trying to stay patient!

    Maggie - Thank you. How wonderful to have a group.

    Patrice - Oh, good one! "and I get to work." You inspire me!

    Suzie - It's a dream coming true for sure.

    Annie - Thank you!

    Jose - Congratulations on learning English! I'm impressed! And thank you.

    Jeanne - Passion - its a powerful force!

    Miki - Thank you so much. We are having a lovely bit of sunshine today, aren't we?

    Lisa - Hi! And thank you!

    Mary Ann - Yes, I love the light. Studio flooring - maybe just paint the sub floor - I just don't know.

  12. What a treat to catch up with your post. Your class sounds inspiring and I loved what you had to say about the 'passion to create' means there is no block. Boy do I want to believe that because I've been running in circles since returning from Mexico! What I love more about your post is your latest collage - damn you're good and although I am inspired by many, bloggers on line - I find your collage work incredibly compelling.
    Fun to see your studio progressing - how exciting!

  13. Hi Leslie, wow that studio is looking amazing! I love your pot belly stove too...will keep you nice and warm in Winter :)

  14. Wow Trudi - Thank you so much! I'm following my muse. I'm not sure where she intends us to go, but I am following.

  15. I'm so impressed at the work your hubby is doing. That studio is a huge job!!

    One of my favourite collages gracing this post. Its really been interesting seeing all the collages you've created for the exchange and I'm looking forward to seeing the work of the other artists too.

  16. Your mixed media collage is stunning and how fun to create a new workspace- looks fantastic! I have enjoyed my first visit to your blog and look forward to returning! Cheers!

  17. Dispatch VI is sensational. I love the freedom and confidence that just explodes from this piece.

  18. It's been way to long since I came here last. Your collages are fantastic, your interview and studio visit really interesting and your! Now that's a serious investment in yourself and your art! Way to go you!

    Where did you post your ICE collection?? I was hoping to do a link up in the side bar of my Lucky Dip ICE blog....

  19. Leslie your work is astounding! I totally agree with you on the passion to create your work. I don't have blocks I just go to work and become absorbed. It is who I am. Your pieces for the international exchange are beautiful.

  20. The studio every day is going much more beautiful! How exciting!

    Your collages for the International Exchange are the best. I wish you the better!.

    Many kisses

  21. Hi Leslie,

    Really like 'Dispatch VI' and enjoyed viewing your exchange pieces. Glad the studio is progressing.

  22. leslie . the motion in your piece here is in direct step with the movement in your studio . so exciting !

    thank you for the visit means a lot to me

  23. Thanks for the link to all the collage peices you're entering in the exchange. As I've said before, each new one you show becomes my new favorite.Dispatch has such excitement.
    The studio is looking great.In the one we are making at the lakehouse I am doing just as you said, leaving the subflooring, and using a comfort mat for standing, if needed.It will look great with all the splats and splatters!

  24. I have stumbled into your blog. So lovely, what I have seen so far makes me want to look at all your posts. Can't wait to come back for a longer visit, with a cup of tea.

  25. Dear Leslie,
    I just traveled through your collage album. Absolutely stunning, can't find the words, wish I could see them in person, they are so striking........I always love your work.
    Thank you for sharing, you made my day!
    Positive energy to you,

  26. The lines of the strings make this piece. Love it!

    This piece stands out as different to me. I see a landcape and magical elements.

  27. Hello Leslie - I am green with envy over the studio! And a big thanks for nominating me as your librarian of choice, lol! I'm actually going to try and do a book reccommendation each week, based on what I've been buying for my library, so do stay tuned.


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