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Sunday, January 17, 2010

And the Winner Is...Give Away! Hey! I Just Thought of This!

Update - Sunday - The name drawn from the hat is Elizabeth! She has a photography blog and a blog about Buster, my favorite dog. Elizabeth is also an author of children's books.
Congratulations Elizabeth!

(The palm of her hand smacks her forehead!) Hey! I just had an idea! Here I am at my One Hundred and First Blog Post! So – let’s celebrate with a give away!

You guys are just fabulous! I get such enjoyment from the conversations that happen here and at your blogs – art – creating – being passionate, being inventive, being determined – creating despite the cold, despite the heat, despite the chores, despite the day jobs, despite the economy! We keep at it – writing blog posts, creating art work, staying in touch with the ducks on our pond.

I love creating art. I love the blogging community. And I love it when we create from our own authentic passion for art.

So I’m giving away one free scholarship to the Re-Fresh Your Creative Practice Program! Yes! Free! The whole 6-week program.

Enter a comment here – tell us about your passion for creating perhaps, and I will draw a name in 48 hours, so the winner will have time to prepare for the first session on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 9:00 am Pacific time. All you need to participate is the ability to make a phone call to take part in the conference call, and access to the internet to post to a private blog.

After rediscovering and being inspired by the collage of Paul Horiuchi, I made this small collage last night. Since my studio is under construction, I am finding alternative spaces for creating. I made this one on a table in the living room. (I only have to paint in the bathroom.)

“You’ve got to find what you love. Going to bed at night saying I’ve done something wonderful. That’s what mattered.” ~Steve Jobs


  1. I love Paul Horiuchi! My son who lives in Seattle even invited me for a visit for his 2000 retrospective. I agree -- his work is very inspiring.

  2. Hi Leslie, I've been following your blog a bit in my reader, but never commented -- your give away prompts me (sure I'd love to win), but mostly I want to let you know how much I like your work -- its expressiveness, the beautiful use of grey, the gesture of your lines... I am making quilts that explore 'script' this year and your work is one place I go to look for art that has script-like marks on it...

  3. i must report having had a "play art date" at my new big table with a friend today. she hasn't painted in THREE we had great fun doing a little experimenting...even out in the chilly garage with the amber shellac.\
    you always inspire. out of my little room upstairs and into the utility room and garage. bigger than the bathroom! grin!

  4. A lovely gesture to celebrate your blogging milestone!

    Creativity isn't just about doing something new and unique - not all of our work meets that standard, but the work is important just the same. Creativity is about the whole process of making something, including the preparation, the act of making, the finishing and the sharing.

    Each part of the process allows us to explore different ideas, techniques and emotions. Each act of creation contains rich veins of experience we can mine to learn from and enjoy.

  5. well I can't pass this one by even though I am up to my eye balls in craziness these days. Now the pressure is on. What to say that is so stunningly creative that I might have a chance at this wonderful give-away.

    If you look hard that's me at the back of the class, waving my hand wildly, saying pick me, pick me.

    That being said good luck to us all!

  6. That's a wonderful opportunity you are giving away Leslie! Your work is such a wonderful inspiration.. the grey and neutral tones mixed with a bit of black are gorgeous.

    In my own work, I enjoy exploring ways to create new variations of greys, creams and whites as I love working within neutral and monochromatic palettes.

  7. Me – How wonderful to have seen Paul Horiuchi’s work up close and in person. I really admire the sensitivity he brought to collage.

    Dee – Hi Dee! Thanks for connecting. I enjoyed seeing your quilt with script. If you hadn’t said hello I would have missed out!

    Neva – We can find space to create can’t we? I was thinking the laundry room was looking pretty good….

    Hi Bob – Yes, there is a whole cycle to the process, and we wear many hats. Thanks for stopping by.

    Zen Dot – Yes, I see your hand waving! I know you are preparing to move soon, so perhaps the program can provide a good break from all that activity.

    Lisa – I enjoy seeing your palette – I love the color of aged papers.

  8. I love the sacred scroll-like quality of this collage (well - it seems so to me anyway!).

    What a generous offer - I always think, oh, don't take too much on, but this seems like too wonderful an opportunity to pass up. Creating for me took on a very high importance for me after my girls were born...I started to dream things I never dared possible before :)

  9. Love the new look, and especially what you get to see if you scroll down!!

  10. What a great opportunity Leslie Your work is such a wonderful inspiration.

  11. Congrats on 100 Leslie!! I also love the blogging community!! : )
    Your work inspires me and I love coming here!!

  12. Dear friend, congratulations on your 100th posting. I'm not commenting here to win your give-away; unfortunately I won't be available, as you probably know. Enforced absence from artmaking on a daily basis has kick-started my creativity, though. I hope your class is a huge success, and I hope you will continue to post lovely paintings and inspiring words. You're just the best.

  13. Hi Leslie,

    I visit your blog every morning to see what you have to say for the day. I am in the process of setting up/creating a dedicated studio space so am ready to be kick started into creativity! Your work is inspiring, thanks for sharing...

  14. That workshop sounds really interesting! I'm passioned about creativity in general and art and collage is close to my heart. I just love to go "into the flow" you know, where I don't think about anything - just create! :-)

  15. Yes, blogging is so much fun.
    Buster and I love doing it
    and visiting cool creative blogs like yours!

  16. Jeane Marie – A dream is a pathway. Where will it take you?

    Annie: Hi Annie, and thank you.

    Joycelyne – thanks for stopping by taking part.

    Manon – I know you as a very enthused blogger. I love your blog.

    Mary – How interesting that the structure of a job has enhanced your creativity!

    Jill – It’s fabulous that you are setting up your studio space. Wishing you much happy creating.

    iHanna – “in the flow” just feels so good, doesn’t it?

    Elizabeth – Hi! You and Buster are such a great team. Sending Buster a little scratch behind his ear.

  17. Hi Leslie, I'm not including myself in the drawing, just wanted to stop by and wish you all the best on your class - no doubt you will be a huge success :)

  18. Leslie! What a fantastic offer - count me in!!!! OMG it would be a dream come true!!!

  19. Just stopping by to see your incredible your marks! What an interesting piece, I can almost feel you making the marks. I have come to really appreciate subtle colors and how dynamic they can be. Wonderful piece.
    Positive energy to you...

  20. Hi Jeane: Thank you for your good wishes. I anticipate a fabulous creative gathering.

    Hi Debrina and Sondra - I put your names in the hat!

  21. The winner is Elizabeth! Congratulations!

  22. Congrats Elizabeth, you lucky duck, you!! I'm so envious!!

  23. Congrats on your blogaversary, Leslie and congratulations to Elizabeth.

  24. Congratulations Elizabeth!
    Leslie this is such a generous gift.
    I just know the six weeks will be a wonderful refreshing ride for everyone! Mary Ann

  25. Congrats to you, oh lucky one! Do have fun. And as people have said, what a lovely offer of generosity, Leslie. I will just have to sign up for that another time when I can devote more attention to it. It sounds wonderful.

  26. I'm new to your site but have been enjoying your vigorous writing style and your art is beautiful. Thanks for the Steve Jobs quote at the end of your post - he's so right!!

  27. OOH, too late for the giveaway!
    Sounds great and I'd love to join in a workshop on creativity with you one day. Meanwhile, happy to be part of the flow of creativity here, and thanks for your comment on my post, you inspired me to a socks-drawer renewal project. Just started with a row of gradated black and greays and a burgandy.
    Good luck and congratulations to Elizabeth!!!

  28. Your marks just keep getting more and more elegant. I love this collage!
    I wanted to comment on your "flow" post which I thoroughly enjoyed. Judging from the collage you are still "there"! My stamina is usually four hours or so & then I start to go awry!
    Your Refresh course sounds like a winner & I know everyone will be so inspired by what you have to offer. Unfortunately, I have to much on my plate right now.
    Your posts all month have been filled with so much vitality! I get a boost from hanging out! Thanks

  29. I love this image,,,but the one in your previous post just knocks my sox off!
    Yes, my bells arrived, and I have put a few of them to work, but with having company, being out of town, and having new camera and software, I haven't posted anything yet.maybe soon,,,,

  30. I've been following your blog for a while but haven't stopped to comment. My passion for creating comes from the excitement of the challenge. I enjoy the challenge of taking a lifeless pile of materials and supplies and transforming them into something beautiful or functional.

  31. I love your painting-- amazing what you are creating in your bathroom and living room...and Paul H. is one of my favorite collage artists.

  32. I demand a recount. Call the Florida Supreme Court! Great image.


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