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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The First Question

Messenger 6 x 6 collage by Leslie Avon Miller, collection of Kathleen Botsford

This is my answer to the First Question: What is it that you get back from your art?
My art gives me something to strive for; being the best artist I can be. My art gives me something to ponder; what am I saying with my art? My art gives me technical problems to solve. My art allows me grow as a person. My art allows me to express myself in the world. My art makes me feel truly alive. My art compels me to get up early and work hard. My art gives me compassion for myself and others. My art gives me humility. And one artistic expression has lead to another, which is a gift I did not anticipate. My art has been a connection to many other like minded people. My art keeps me connected to the sacred. My art is a deep part of the meaning I experience in life. My art allows me to express my passion; for life, for art, for the process of being alive. My art lets me claim myself. My art piques my sense of wonder and curiosity. My art is something that is all mine and as such really says “I am here. And I love being alive.” My creativity allows me to accept myself, and be appreciative, instead of looking around and saying “if only I could have what she has.” My art lets me take my creativity seriously and makes me take myself lightly. And it is just so much fun!

I am going to a workshop this weekend, and will be able to check my blog for comments. Early next week, I will post a synthesis of your answers to the First Question. If you have posted answers at your blog, or you have not yet connected with me and want to, please let me know. The artists that have written or spoken with me have been thoughtful and fun to talk with. Most have reported gaining some insight into their own process. And the interesting thing is that the insights continue after the call or email. Once you open up a dialog with yourself about your art, you find your art has a lot to say to you!


  1. Hope you enjoy the workshop as much as I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. I hope you enjoy your workshop too Leslie! this is real food for thought - I have the intention to answer these questions myself at some point - meantime I am mulling them over!
    What an inspiring, dedicated and wonderful artist you are - thank you!

  3. enjoy your workshop! - your header is just beautiful!

  4. I love the bit about "envy" I had not thought of that and it is true

  5. Wonderful writing on first question...thank you for your open remarks.
    Have a great time at the workshop!
    Still loving the orchids!

  6. Wonderful answer to the question! Enjoy your workshop!

  7. I hope you workshop is a wonderful place filled with ideas and new textures... thank you again for this probing question! Messenger is a beautiful piece! Roxanne

  8. Stunning header! "Messenger" is wonderful too. Your work evokes both calm and elation...if that's possible.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your answer to Question one. Hope your workshop goes well.

  9. Hi Leslie,

    I like your Alice quotation. Wouldn't it be great if we could all believe six impossible things before breakfast! Hope you had a fun weekend.

  10. Wow! Loved checking in this morning and being greeted by "Messenger"! Your answer is deep and thought provoking. I too believe the answer to most of what ails us as individuals and a collective society is to be found in our own individual soul's creative expression. I have lots of theories, you can ask my husband!


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